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Listing 82 games
Titles in bold are exact matches

Game Title Publisher Developer Released Shot Box
5 Intelligent Strategy GamesOxford SoftworksUnknown1994NoNo
AchetonPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Avon and Monsters of MurdacTopologikaUnknown1994NoNo
BiohazardPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
BludgeonPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
BoomrockPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Brain DamagePD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Cannon FodderVirgin GamesSensible Software1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Championship Manager: End of SeasonDomarkUnknown1994NoNo
ChunxPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Countdown to DoomTopologikaUnknown1994NoNo
Cricket MastersESP SoftwareUnknown1994NoNo
Crime WavePD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Darts 180PD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Dynabusters+PD / SharewareTSCC1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Frame of MindPD / SharewareDCS1994NoNo
FrantickPD / SharewareDSA1994NoNo
Freaked Out 2PD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Frontier Elite 2GameTekUnknown1994We have a screenshot for this gameWe have a box scan for this game
Giant KillerTopologikaUnknown1994NoNo
Goal!Virgin GamesUnknown1994NoNo
HeartbreakPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
HermanMagazine Cover DiskUnknown1994NoNo
HeroPD / SharewareUnknown1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Imperial ConquestPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
International Sensible SoccerRenegadeSensible Software1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
InvestigationPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Ishar 3 - The 7 Gates of the InfinityDazeSilmarils1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Jet Bike ChallengePD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Jimmy Connors TennisUBI SoftUnknown1994NoNo
Logic Problems 2PD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Merchant ColonyImpressionsUnknown1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Mobsters CityPD / SharewareSilly Software1994NoNo
MultipakmanPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
MuzzyHolburn SoftwareUnknown1994NoNo
NovaPD / SharewareUnknown1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Pacman on EsPD / SharewareUnknown1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Philosopher's QuestTopologikaUnknown1994NoNo
PlonkerPD / SharewareDCS1994NoNo
Pothole 2PD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Premier League ManagerPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Premier Manager 2Gremlin GraphicsUnknown1994NoNo
Professional Football Masters V4ESP SoftwareUnknown1994NoNo
Quest for KnowledgePD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
ReflexPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Reflex ActionPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Return to DoomTopologikaUnknown1994NoNo
Robinsons RequiemDazeSilmarils1994NoNo
Rock 'n Roll ClamsCaspian SoftwareUnknown1994NoNo
Rugby League CoachAudiogenicAnglosoft Visual Systems1994NoNo
ShockerPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Solar WarPD / Shareware999 Software1994NoNo
Spacewar 2000PD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
SphericalFusion DesignUnknown1994NoNo
Spot ItPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Spy SnatcherTopologikaUnknown1994NoNo
Stable Masters V2ESP SoftwareUnknown1994NoNo
Star Trek - Klingon WarPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
StarballPD / SharewareVolume 111994NoNo
Stark Raving BonkersPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Stone Cold SoberPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Storm '94PD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Super Psycho KartPD / SharewareAnimal Software1994NoNo
Super ScramblePD / SharewareBudgie UK1994NoNo
Sword of KingsPD / SharewareCoxsoft1994NoNo
Tactical ManagerTalking BirdUnknown1994NoNo
The Last Days of DoomPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
The Mark of CainPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Their Finest MissionsUS GoldLucasfilm Games1994NoNo
TowersPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
TrackballPD / SharewareSerious Software1994NoNo
Tri-Heli 2Magazine Cover DiskUnknown1994NoNo
TriyahooPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
TwinzMagazine Cover DiskEnigma Software1994NoNo
Violent DeathPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Well 'ArdMagazine Cover DiskCybernation Software1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Wing LordPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Word Quiz 4Magazine Cover DiskArtizan Software1994NoNo
Word WizardPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
World Series CricketPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo
Zero-5Caspian SoftwareUnknown1994We have a screenshot for this gameNo
ZuffersPD / SharewareUnknown1994NoNo