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Listing 53 games
Titles in bold are exact matches

Game Title Publisher Developer Released Shot Box
Alien ThingTop Byte Software999 Software1995We have a screenshot for this gameNo
AmazePD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Anoraks of DoomPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Armoured OperationPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
AsteroidiaPD / SharewareDSA1995NoNo
AtakPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Balls UpPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Bombs AwayMagazine Cover DiskNinth Wave Software1995NoNo
BombzaiPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
BrenarvariousTop Byte SoftwareUnknown1995NoNo
Catacombs of the Undead SorcererPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Championship Manager Italia '95DomarkUnknown1995NoNo
Conquest 2: The Viking HoardesPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Crazy LettersPD / SharewareDCS1995NoNo
Datachess 2PD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
DemonPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Demon 2.2PD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Goin' Down with the CaptainMagazine Cover DiskNinth Wave Software1995NoNo
Hang About!Magazine Cover DiskUnknown1995NoNo
HaywireMagazine Cover DiskUnknown1995NoNo
Hollywood HustlerDesert Star SoftwareUnknown1995NoNo
International ManagerPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Jumble-UpMagazine Cover DiskUnknown1995NoNo
MadPage 6 MagazineUnknown1995We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Memory RecallPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
ObsessionUDSUnique Developments1995We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Overscan InvadersPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Pacman on Es 2PD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Paths of GloryPD / SharewareizSoftware1995NoNo
PipetrisPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Pop!PD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Premium Mah JonggPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
RacerPD / SharewareKieren Hawken1995NoNo
Sands of MarsPD / SharewareizSoftware1995NoNo
SeawolfPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
SentencesPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
SkyduelPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Slug BlastPD / SharewareNinth Wave Software1995NoNo
SpacolaPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
StardustBloodhouseUnknown1995We have a screenshot for this gameNo
SubstationUDSUnique Developments1995NoNo
Super League ManagerAudiogenicUnknown1995NoNo
Super Stario LandTop Byte SoftwareNot Applicable1995We have a screenshot for this gameNo
TaquinMagazine Cover DiskUnknown1995NoNo
TeamImpact SoftwareImpact Software Development1995NoNo
TesseraPD / SharewareDolphin Software1995NoNo
The Curse of BoldaPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
The DeminerPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
The World at WarPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Time MachinePD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
TomtarPD / SharewareUnknown1995NoNo
Ultimate ArenaSTeamUnknown1995NoNo