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Publisher: UDS     Developer: Unique Developments
Year of release: 1995

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : 3D / Action / Shoot-em-up

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ST Format
# 72 - Jul 95

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Zoolook wrote ...2007-06-05 16:25:11
Although I only recently started to take the emulation scene seriously, this was the first game I downloaded... and its as good as I remember to be honest... UDS pretty much took gameplay to another level on the STE with this in all areas. The graphics (though pretty featureless) were a breakthrough at the time, as was the stereo sound and music. One thing I never got to try was the MIDI link... since I didn't know anyone else with an ST at the time. And it had a fantastically immersive story-line to boot. I was genuinly shocked at the end of game credit sequence...
peter Zetterberg wrote ...2004-06-23 18:33:22
I might have some pictures from this game. Let me check my old disks.
SaTcom2 wrote ...2004-03-11 00:29:57
I finally rigged this up for deathmatch, between my Falcon 030 and my accelerated STe. To be honest the real game is bleak as heck and boring, and too hard. Deathmatch (depending on who you play) is wayyy more fun. The grey walls actually add a challenge and a fear factor, since you are never 100% sure if your friend is about to jump out of the next corner and toast your ass.
Dma-Sc wrote ...2003-11-05 11:27:02
A really great game, THE first-person action game of the ST(e) (though i never played MIDI-Maze ;). It's not colorful (but how would you deal with 16 colors when you need most of these for the depth gouraud-shading?). Anyway the grey-ness of the game fits well with the storyline. For the gameplay, it's mainly a Wolfenstein clone as it's been said already (there are even hidden areas, but those aren't distinguishable as the walls are all grey, so you got to "space" the wall ;D). As far as i remember, there are some bosses in the game (i reached one but didn't went further, i wasn't really good at FPS back then and this one is tough ;). - Definitly a recommended one ! (even for non FPS lovers as an example of a great game using really advanced rendering methods, gouraud shading and zoomed sprites)
Lee_B wrote ...2003-09-18 11:30:32
i have a falcon and would love this game, i dont have a falcon cd drive and wondered where i can get it for download or on a floppy disk
Atreides wrote ...2003-02-10 11:26:44
I loved this game, it was my first proper experience of a first person shooter (before I bought the Jaguar for Doom and AvP). One thing I do remember though, was the rather crushing ending sequence - damn those corporates! Did we learn nothing from Robocop3?! Can't say I've ever found a rom of Substation yet. Still looking though. I was rather hoping StEem would run it.
Fenix wrote ...2002-11-14 20:24:04
This is one scary game. The Intro music was so intense and well written. 4-player deathmatch was fun and the sound was quite good. I wish there was a followup or a remake for the newer Milan or accelerated Falcons. (If anyone has the intro music as mod or mp3, I'd love to have it:)
Shalroth of Euphemism wrote ...2002-07-04 08:18:43
This games doesn't look any better on a falcon, the framerate is a little higher but that's it. This game impressed the heck out of my Amiga-1200 owning friend. I don't think any video game has frightened me this much since Spiderman on the 2600. I use this game as the ultimate test for STE emulators - and so far, none have passed. This game really did push the STE about as far as it could go - especially back in '95. Even 486 PCs struggled with 20FPS+ gouraud shaded environments, with scaling sprites and 22KHz sound...
Darkbee wrote ...2002-05-18 07:12:47
Should that be "won a copy"? :)
Darkbee wrote ...2002-05-18 07:01:40
I think to be fair this game was quite ground breaking for its time. I actually one a copy in a competition in one of the ST mags (can't remember which one) and was very impressed. The fact that it finally utilised the STe's capabilities amazed me (mainly sound). It was a very hard game but very atmospheric (even the little spiders used to make me s**t myself!). It would be interesting to see how it compares these days to the likes of Quake (probably not very well) but very good back in its day.
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-07 05:56:32
This game is basically an ST clone of Wolfenstein, set in a Substation overrun with monsters. Unfortunately the graphics on the STe were quite poor and are just grey shades. I think the game was enhanced for the Falcon so should be much better. The sound was good though, using stereo effects so you could hear the mosters coming. Ths game was pretty hard and took a while to get into, but was quite good fun.