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The Pompey Pirates entertained the Atari ST owning masses for over 120 disks worth of gaming at its best. Their menu disks were considered as the creme-de-la-creme that the cracking community had to offer. They selected only the best titles, usually supplied the complete manuals on the same disk as the game and faultlessly ensured everything worked on as many different types of ST as possible. It was their attention to detail that paved their way to hacking immortality.

Comprising of the talents of 11 different individuals the most remarkable members included the Alien, Sid B and Sparky. Who could forget the ? It was his hacking talent that bought the games to life but he is probably instantly recognisable for his catchy slogan - "NUKE IRAQ!". Saddam Hussein was often on the receiving end of this off-planet diplomatists wrath as the Pompey menus flowed forth through the Gulf War era.

Who could forget Sid B's tantalizing graphics? from images of wild elephants to Clint Eastwood to the oft used theme of land, air and sea combat vessels. Truly he made 16 colours look like a million. Today still selling his oil paintings he's left the computer scene behind, but the Pompey Archive is worth browsing just for his imagery.

Finally full creditings must go to the maestro himself, . The man that had a better grasp over the Quartet sound package than Microdeal themselves did. He could teach Amiga mod musicians a thing or two. Some of his best tunes can be found gracing the Pompey intro's and I heartily recommend the moving war theme on PP73, listen to the music to it's ultimate climax when the air raid ensues.

So, go now click a number link below and enter the archive.

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With many thanks to Matt Sephton for use of his graphics, DNA.Net for originally hosting the archive and the Alien for being as razor-sharp as ever.