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Xenon 2 Megablast
Publisher: Mirrorsoft     Developer: The Assembly Line
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Xenon 2 Megablast Click here to listen to the music from Xenon 2 Megablast on-line
Genres : Sci-fi / Shoot-em-up
Artist : Mark Coleman    

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ST Format
# 3 - Oct 89
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The One
# 11 - Aug 89

There is a prequel to this game called Xenon

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-02 04:41:00
and by the way....Xenon 2.....one word association game time: CLASS.
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-02 04:40:30
hey Andy D I remember Get Fresh and Gilbert the Slimey Alien too....he was legendary in my book if only for the interview he did with Bros.....anyone who snots all over Matt Goss is an absolute legend!!!!!
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-13 03:56:35
A fantastic sequal! I loved the shop between levels, highly addictive gameplay with good music.
Zak Justice wrote ...2006-02-07 07:38:01
Fantastic game ! Fantastic music ! it rocked !!!... strange ending tho, when you finished the game the screen went to a small dot like you had turned your old TV off (Lol, I just saw the screen shot HEHE)
Hoppy wrote ...2004-10-14 19:45:26
AMAZING. I'd been harping on about to my wife for ages about this game. Then when I finally showed her she didn't seem to understand. Great sound - mention the game to anyone who knows and you both start din-dining the song to each other. Only failing point was that if you played it enough you'd know exactly where each baddie was coming from next. Perhaps I'm just too used to the games of today. Regardless though, this game is the first one I think of when anyone mentions the ST.
Violent_Cat wrote ...2004-07-31 13:34:46
This game was the best game ever on the ST acording the comments here i thing i'm right (atleast most of the comments) :)
retrokid wrote ...2004-07-21 17:02:49
Jeff minter a legend in video gaming he is, yes. xenon2 nice graphics, decent rendition of a commercial track, gameplay, er, excuse me, where?, somebody anybody tell me where is the gameplay..... and yes i played it to death, how stupid a kid i was.
Andy Bailey wrote ...2004-05-07 08:02:22
Xenon 2 was, in my opinion, the best shoot-em-up on the 16-bit machines. Right from the start, the graphical style was so polished, and even though the ST had another 4-5 years left in it, Xenon 2 was rarely beaten in the graphic department. The scrolling wasn't too bad, and although there was some slowdown when loads of bullets were flying, it was still totally addictive. The high point was getting your ship upgraded to the point where you'd buy a Super Nashwan Taster from the shop, and when your 10 seconds were up, the firepower of your ship didn't diminish! One memory I have of this was going to the Computer Shopper show in London in 1989. I'd played the ST Format demo of Xenon 2, and was talking to "some bloke" I met there about it. I was raving on that it was a great looking game, and he was saying how the collision detection was a bit "iffy". I walked off thinking that this bloke probably didn't know the first thing about videogames anyway, only to realise later that I'd been stanging by the Llamasoft stand at the time, and the bloke in question was actually Jeff Minter!
Kamayaka wrote ...2003-11-03 14:33:22
THIS Game ist ASONISHING in every detail... found a cool game music remix yesterday... take a look at http://halo.ego.fi/misc/xenon2.mp3
Antarro wrote ...2003-10-10 09:07:15
Absolutely brilliant vertical scrolling shoot-em-up, with stunning graphics, great music and marvellous gameplay. Definiftely a must-have for any ST owner.
kametyken wrote ...2003-06-29 05:59:18
If you like this game check www.gods-country.de for more infos about Xenon 2 and all other Classics made by The Bitmap Brothers.
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-05-21 03:49:27
I always found this too slow to be fun on my standard ST, it seemed to run twice as fast on my 16 mhz STe, but would crash right after the intro screen. Darrrgh.
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 09:30:18
Honestly one of my fav games of all time, even now when playing next gen consoles etc!!! The gameplay was superb!!!
drool32 wrote ...2003-05-07 13:43:17
Very good game. Turning a vertical scrolling bug hack around into a game feature was a classic. Great game.
Jurna wrote ...2003-04-14 10:25:10
graphics: 9, sounds: 10, playability: 10, idea: 8, nostalgy level: 9
Bloodstone2k wrote ...2003-01-26 00:45:52
I remember being astounded by the graphics in this game. The first Xenon was based in a world of straight lines and gleaming metal. This went for alien biology and completely smoked anything else that was out at the time. I remember a large degree of slowdown when the screen was full of action, but this never stopped me from spending hours in "Twitch" mode. A TRUE classic.
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-15 07:31:29
This was a great game and the music was so very cool. But 'Best scrolling shoot 'em up ever'? That's a bit like being voted the best singer in a boy band. The competition's not that hot.
Andy D wrote ...2002-12-10 14:23:02
I remember they had the original Xenon as a call in game on Get Fresh (kids TV show in UK. The set was a ufo with Gilbert the alien - had an obsession with snot), If i remember right the other game they used to play was Starglider. One of the presenters, Gaz Top is actually Gareth Jones, who now presents How 2 with Carol Vorderman. If you live in the UK you'll know who i mean. Another bit of useless trivia for you
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-11 07:01:52
I've always played the original Xenon all my life. When I first started playing Xenon 2 Megablast, I saw that it had different levels. They didn't look the same as in the first one. It's still a great game to play and it's one of the best game for the Atari ST.
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-11 06:56:57
Xenon 2 Megablast can be found on Pompey Pirates compact disk 7, Automation compact disk 133 and Medway Boys compact disk 40.
Phil Worrall wrote ...2002-10-30 11:52:15
In 1989 the PC was in its infancy and games like this were at the forefront of gaming. Xenon was one of the best and arguably THE best scrolling shoot em up.
Darkbee wrote ...2002-05-18 08:06:37
Dare I say this game was ok? I have to admit that the idea of including the Bomb The Bass soundtrack was great but really this was nothing more than a very well presented shoot 'em up. The graphics were indeed great, the in game sounds we adequate but the gameplay was only held by the good idea of having bolt on weapons on your ship. I have fond memories of Bitmap Brothers games on the ST but this was not their best game. Overall an average shoot 'em up presented extremely well.
Cyclone wrote ...2002-04-15 19:25:49
Xenon II was amazing, when it was released, but the in game sound engine was definitely not state of the art. Additionally, as mentioned below, the game gets very slow when lot of sprites are displayed and the collision detection seems to malfunction all the time. But all these technical weaknesses are forgotten when you look at the stunning graphics. The artwork of Xenon II motivated me to think about developing a better shooter, and when Wings of Death hit the scene, we finally started to develop Lethal Xcess, which should be the very best shooter for the ST from a technical point of view. Well, what about Xenon II? In my opinion it is still the best looking shooter on the ST, I simply love these graphics.
Feige wrote ...2002-02-26 13:59:48
Too hard, sorry. Great grafix but poor sound (whittaker). The gameplay is not as good as in "Wings of Death" because the scrolling etc.needs one more VBL; very often the shots fly "through" the enemies. Only when cheating is it possible to play this game.
jason richardson wrote ...2002-02-10 10:15:31
I knew this game would blow me away when I heard the opening Bomb The Bass soundtrack. Easily the best shoot'em up on the Atari. The graphics still look good today and the sound is cool, especially now its hooked up to my home cinema system. Just goes to show how good games on the ST could be.
James Fredericks wrote ...2002-02-02 01:34:36
Man, I really loved this game. I had never heard of Bomb the Bass or whoever that is doing the intro music, but when me and my roomate heard that digitized bootup song for the first time, we were in awe. We had just traded in our Atari 800XL's for an ST and we were SOOOO happy when we saw this baby. The game is great on graphics and gameplay. Still one of the first I think about when I think Atari.
Richard Davey wrote ...2002-01-17 19:26:09
Actually the Bitmap Brothers only wrote the Amiga version, the Assembly Line did the code for the ST version - the game was still covered in Bitmap marks though (graphics, music, quality).
Matt Hilton wrote ...2002-01-17 13:12:59
The Bitmap Brothers did this not the assembly line boys.........It rocks big time
Jason Lee Bishop wrote ...2002-01-12 19:53:18
Yeah, top game rock hard to play without autofire on permanently. I completed this game without cheat codes and tips, took nearly a year to complete though!
Vim wrote ...2001-12-23 20:57:10
The sampled music was certainly the most notable feature of this. I well remember arguing with my mate Rich about the sample-quality, which would invaribly lead to a general row about Amiga vs ST sound.
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-20 18:00:14
yep its cool aint no doubt, it blew me away with its gfx, and sampled soundtrack, just shame they could'nt have used the same soundtrack as the amiga version, but hey it was the humble st here, so top respect, that music must have melted the soundchip.
Arnout de Vries wrote ...2001-12-12 03:07:22
Best game I ever played on the Atari ST!
Redshift wrote ...2001-12-11 10:06:23
The daddy of all scrolling shoot-em-ups! I loved the way you collected cash after killing the aliens. With the cash you could add a HUGE number of weapons to your ship until it took up a third of the screen :) I loved the rocket launcher, the little drone pod that flew around behind your ship but most of all I loved the massive laser you could buy which fired that big white beam thingy, (and you could attach 4 of 'em to your ship!) One of the best ST games ever.
BPS wrote ...2001-12-06 13:31:02
hy man. did you verify the ST version with Amiga version on th ST you have the best version you ever have seen
triggahappy wrote ...2001-11-15 18:40:08
Phat sound track, crazy power ups, top notch graffs. OH NO IV'E JUST CUM
pinpin wrote ...2001-11-14 10:39:26
i think the greatest shoot'em up of all time, all platforms!! memories about this game... and the 'walkman dude' as i used to call him... "hee, want an advice??" argggggg
Jay Harris wrote ...2001-11-13 13:09:27
Megablast....speaks for itself really The ST's highest point in that year!!
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 16:59:40
Very good graphics and sound - but personally I like the first part more. Nice game though...
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:50:13
Xenon 2000. If anyone needs me Ill be in PC world.
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:49:21
Immense. Adding all those things onto my ship was so much fun and using it all made you soo much more powerful it was crazy. THE ST WILL NEVER DIE. EVER the gameplay is too addictive, graphics, whatever, gameplay it cant be beat. :)
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-05 03:02:06
Xenon 2 is the king amongst shoot 'em ups, even by todays standards. It has great graphics and sound effects (and one of the best intro tracks ever!). Another fine piece of art from the Bitmap Brothers.
Maxi wrote ...2001-11-03 19:31:25
Is the best shoot´em up of all times !!! , the same sound,the same gfx, the same gameplay....the same feeling !!! ST will not die !!!
Gavin Lee wrote ...2001-11-03 19:21:37
You would have to be mental not to love this game. Oh, and there is a Xenon 2000 game out on the PC by the way.