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Publisher: Melbourne House     Developer: Bitmap Brothers
Year of release: 1988

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Xenon Click here to listen to the music from Xenon on-line
Genres : Sci-fi / Shoot-em-up

There is a sequel to this game called Xenon 2 Megablast

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-13 03:55:12
Good graphics & gameplay for an early shooter but annoyingly hard. The Xenon II was a much improved game.
Luis Luna L wrote ...2004-08-06 06:17:12
I really liked this shot em up game, the graphics, the sound and the challenge, the only bad thing with xenon and xenon II is that aren't simultaneously multiplayer. But I still have good memories playing them
wIZBURF wrote ...2004-08-03 10:05:22
Thumbs up for the tune. That game started my ST fever when I came to visit a friend and so the demo running on his ST screen ! From that moment I couldn't wait to have my own computer that had to be a ST !!! Wasn't so difficult, especially when you discovered that there was no big difference between bosses. Loved the drones !! I just couldn't stand to finish a level without destroying every single alien air or ground based !!
Andy Bailey wrote ...2004-05-07 08:04:46
I never enjoyed this one as much as the sequel. I got really frustrated by the fact that waggling the joystick would morph your ship, and this sometimes meant that just as you were dodging a wave of bullets, you'd suddenly change shape and be stuck on the ground.
ToYotis wrote ...2003-11-22 15:25:25
You can download the game from Automation disk 28(ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/atari/games/Automation/A_028.ST). You can see Power Pack instructions from http://www.geocities.com/yotisrx7/PowerPack.html#Xenon.
kametyken wrote ...2003-06-29 06:00:08
If you like this game check www.gods-country.de for more infos about Xenon and all other Classics made by The Bitmap Brothers.
Jurna wrote ...2003-04-14 10:23:21
graphics: 8, sounds: 8, playability: 9, idea: 8, nostalgy level: 8
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-11 06:51:42
Xenon can be found on Automation compact disk 28, Medway Boys compact disk 34, Lemmings compact disk 21 and Zuul compact disk 36.
Karadoc wrote ...2002-09-06 18:31:33
NinjaDude, is that right? I never knew. But I've always thought Xenon 1 was the better game. And what a great game it is!
NinjaDude wrote ...2002-07-18 09:13:02
A very, very good game. Took me ages to beat level 4 - good graphics and sound. Xenon 2 wasn't even programmed by the Bitmaps (they contracted it out) and I was a little disappointed with it.
Lars Lindblad wrote ...2002-06-15 07:09:58
Ah! This really makes me remember the old days... me and my friend Fredrik, playing this game until we broke our joysticks. We really liked shoot'em-ups a lot, and this one was one of the better. Many hours has been spent in front of my Atari playing this game. And still I sometimes spend some hours once in a while playing this great game. The sequel Xenon 2 was a very good game too, but this... this is the original Xenon! / Lars
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-04-04 19:47:07
I remember playing Xenon a lot back when I was six in 1989. I always did so good on the first level but when I got to the second level, I always failed early. Since I had practice on the second level, I did better on it and I was finally able to get to the third level. I never was able to get to the third level when I was six because the second level was too hard for me. It's also neat how you can change from a tank to an aircraft. Another great shoot-em-up game I also played besides Xenon was R-Type. Xenon was one of my brother's favorite shoot-em-up games. Whenever he plays Xenon, it brings him back a lot of memories of when he used to play on the Atari ST computer all the time like me.
MrWrobel wrote ...2002-03-10 05:36:43
Bitmap Bros were giants! I've played Xenon also on... ZX Spectrum and this wersion was superb! But when I bought ST, I've palyed Xenon and Xenon II (and both games makes me so happy!) and I remember I've said: these two are the best games on the Earth - there is impossible to make better shot'em'up games! I was wrong (have You all seen Einhander or R-Type Delta on Playstation?) but I still think that both Xenons were GIGAgames with lot of gameplay and great muzax and gfx! Greetings to all Xenon players!! :)
Feige wrote ...2002-02-27 06:43:42
Ok, alright I have now checked this and DooMed was right, there are 4 sectors, but each sector contains 2 levels. There still is enough to be blasted away :-)
Feige wrote ...2002-02-13 11:07:07
Yes the game is great, but I can't understand all that critics about it being too hard and ending after sector 4. To be honest, I don't remember how many levels there are but it's surely more than 4. I easily pass it everytime I play it nowadays and that means something as I'm not a very good shooter-player. After all: music (D.Whittaker), grafix and gameplay: very good!
DooMed Space Marine wrote ...2002-01-28 13:46:15
Xenon rocked. Need I say more? Too bad it was so short - after the last level (4) the game started over...
Telsar Ice wrote ...2001-12-14 09:41:28
this game takes me back to being 7 years old, omg i'm gonna feint! i got to the end nearly :) wonder what i can do now lol!
Jay Harris wrote ...2001-11-13 13:06:46
The first time i heard vector one i was blown away!!!
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:44:04
Very true it was fucking imposible. i only got it because on Xenon 2, still, nice to see it all again.
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-05 04:45:08
One of my first experiences in the shoot 'em up genre! A really fun game...Although I never managed to get any further then the second level :) It really is one of the most difficult games ever!
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-04 15:19:13
One of my all-time favourites. Smooth and cool game play. The idea of changing between plane and tank is superb - and the sound track is a steady in my ear. I'll never forget that one.
Richard Davey wrote ...2001-11-02 00:25:55
I remember first seeing this game reviewed in C&VG and was blown away by the graphics! How gorgeous did all that metallic shine look back then? Shame the game was so damn difficult!