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Joan of Arc
Publisher: Rainbow Arts     Developer: Chip
Year of release: 1988

Box scan missing - can you help? Joan of Arc Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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Mar 89
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# 3 - Dec 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

BlueMak wrote ...2004-05-22 17:32:52
My favourite game of its type. For me much better than Defend of the Crown. This too combines action elements (castle assaults and defences, hand to hand combat, etc) with strategic elements. This is where the similarities stop though. In this game during battles you actualy see realistic size armies on the screen in real time. You have maximum 3 groups of your army on the field. Archers, cavalry, infantry and cannon (yes 4 sorry). After the first few battles (you HAVE to capture 2 specific cities in a row to actualy play the game properly), and after you allow the proper king of France to be ordained (or something) then the game increases in size 10 times. You actualy become the king, you control the whole country and you try to kick the english out and unite France. Apart from the "usual" fights you have also diplomacy and espionage/sabotage to your disposal. You can try to kidnap, assasinate major figures of the enemy (think something similar to Total War series). You have many generals to command and give orders to, there is always chance of someone betraying you, or even if you feel like someone is not trustworthy you can imprison or even kill him. There is always the chance (especialy if you impose high taxes or if one of the enemy factions is working covertly against your dominace in an area) for the populace to dislike you a lot. Up to the point of revolting against your just rule. You can always of course kill/hang MASS numbers for giving them a lesson not to think bad of you... You can create alliances with some of the other factions. Similar or worse than DOC? I don't think so. This game is far superior!
Kapadohos Ted wrote ...2002-04-07 00:54:36
This is France trying to get liberated with you as Joan of Arc and the French king reigning. A good policy,strategy,action and conspiracy game ,not so much a clone of Def.of the Crown. Strategy fans: Worths a lot!
Redshift wrote ...2001-12-11 10:29:40
Basically, this game's a Defender of the Crown clone. Not as good but worth a look.