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International Karate Plus
Publisher: System 3     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1988

Box scan missing - can you help? International Karate Plus Click here to listen to the music from International Karate Plus on-line
Genres : Beat-em-up
Programmer : Archer Maclean    

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-01 23:31:57
Jason West (below), thats not Jason West from Nottingham is it? cos if so, you and your brother and Derek Hart were the boys responsible for me buying my 1st ST.....hahaha
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-22 04:01:46
The best Karate based ST game bar none! Fantastic gameplay & great 2 player mode, awesome bonus levels, cheeky cheats, catchy music & good graphics make this a must have. I managed yellow, green & then the pink belt I think. Did anyone ever get to Black belt???
ichichich75 wrote ...2005-12-12 07:08:43
Yes a great game, definately. There should have been different background graphics though. I mean, whats "international" about the game when all you see is always the same picture?
DcTurner wrote ...2005-11-11 10:02:37
God I love this game... 3 players meant real tactics!! Anyone remember any decent combos? I keep trying to pull off the reverse head kick... so damn hard! TRY: holding diagonally down (in front) and then pressing and releasing the button... Awesome hi-low kick combo... followed by a HEAD BUTT!! yaa!
David Vicks wrote ...2004-06-17 11:58:24
Great game! So much fun! My sister kept beating me with the head butt though.
Antarro wrote ...2003-10-10 06:40:56
Fabulous game - great graphics and music, and a brill sense of humour.
Shad_War wrote ...2003-09-16 10:49:51
totally exellent game who could for get the double kick (rarely succeded but when it did you were proud the rest of the day!!!)
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-11 17:09:15
So damn good!!! Best on turbo - and making fighters trousers fall down - genius (press t). Just been rereleased on GBA in all its former glory (IK+ - dont get IK advance!!)
simchevelu wrote ...2003-06-17 08:40:06
Ok, let´s say the best fighting game ever! Let me explain: Good graphics (the animations in the background were so fun), excellent playability (so many movements with only one button, what a performance!), and the most important, lot of fun (three fighters, bonus levels and the unforgettable TURBO mode).
Jason West wrote ...2003-02-13 16:49:15
just picked up a Atari ST 1040 from a boot fair and it had this with it, i'm in heaven, great gameplay nice touches, pac man, the worms fighter moves. great game don't make them like this anymore
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-10 19:56:57
Actually, that action where you make the guy sound like a parrot is where you just move to the bottom corner in whatever direction you are facing. You don't hold down the button. Doing that does a different attack.
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-10 19:52:46
There's a lot of memories I have of this game. Back in 1989, my brother used to own an Atari ST computer and he had the original floppy disk of Automation compact disk 25. This game can be found on that menu too. Anyway, at that time, I used to play this game often. What caught my attention was that sometimes in the background, little things would pop up like Pac-Man, spiders coming down from the tree and climbing back up, fish in the water and birds flying. The sun sets over the tori is one of the coolest things in the background and it's done very well. I tried out the different speeds on the game like turbo, normal, boring and yawn. I laughed a little bit when I saw how the stars circle around the person so fast when he falls down after you hit him when I put the speed on "turbo". I always switched the speed to "yawn" when I finally learned how to read the different keys to press. That was the easiest for me. One attack that made me laugh is where the guy sounds like a parrot. If you hold down the button and move to the bottom corner in whatever direction you are facing, you can hear it. The other sounds effects were cool too. Since I have gotten the chance to play this game again, I have done so much better on it. I also earned enough points on it to earn the black belt. I'm now so good that when it comes to the bonus round to where you hold a shield and try to keep the balls from hitting you, I succeeded and I earned a lot of bonus points. That also earned me a new belt color. All in all, this is one of the best beat 'em up games to play. Everyone should try this game for once.
Naykon wrote ...2002-09-14 13:36:26
i av very fond memories of this game
guy ross wrote ...2002-07-18 19:02:59
as a small point... was it just me, or was it SO satisfying to pull off a headbutt on an opponent..... just at the right time.
guy ross wrote ...2002-07-18 19:01:31
As if proof were needed that this game is the BEST beat-em-up. I've found it's now out on gameboy advance, similar moosik, but (unfortunatley) a few touches have been added, plus they've made fight bouts last longer.. but, by golly, I was chuffed to see some programmers appreciate a good game.... I'm getting me a gba... (when they bomb and get cheaper :-D )
bazfan wrote ...2002-06-16 18:08:15
again,a game could never mean more to mean than ik+,with a few others of course.I agree this game is beutoful in everyway, my uncle and i would watch the backdrop for ages, it was so relaxing,like being in a dream.
Peter de Man wrote ...2002-04-24 13:45:55
I got my 1040st connected to the TV set again and did some resoldering on the game ports, now I mostly play speedball 2 and IK+ against some friends when we are in the mood. Its better than doing "mortal kombat XXII" on a PC with a keyboard.. its just more fun in front of the TV with an oldscool and smooth fighting game without all the "modern-special-6button-combo's-shoot-fireball-moves" just oldscool fighting where you need 1 fire button skills ;)
Jarom wrote ...2002-04-20 19:42:44
This game is great! I used to play it when I was a child! :)
robert coutts wrote ...2002-04-01 18:00:47
i luv this game, but the other version is better
Camel wrote ...2002-03-31 19:42:33
It makes me smile nowadays when I hear people saying how good beat em ups on the playstation and N64 are 'cause all they really do is add fancy graphics and different characters to this game. Play Tekken 3 for a bit and then play this straight after and you'll see what I mean. Genius.
andy blyth wrote ...2002-02-10 18:32:35
this game made me get out the atari 1040 again,after all the pc games this one is still the best the ever was
Klaus74 wrote ...2002-01-11 09:25:02
Excellent graphics! Excellent music! Excellent gameplay! Nuff said.
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-09 16:12:51
I love ik+, from the gorgeous backdrop of the sun seting over the tori, to the birds flying across the sky, to the ghosts from pacman.Brill playabilty to. ps write to rwys08171@cableinet.co.uk for file swopping of st images, i have gazillians
^^Snoop^^ wrote ...2001-12-26 14:28:59
The best fighting game ever!
sauls wrote ...2001-12-11 06:51:01
at first, i had two games...ik+ and bubble bobble.... my old stf was happy as i was and i still contest with friends a so very lot of year after ... this game is absolutely fabulous.... thanks to atari's devellopers..........
Claire Wall wrote ...2001-11-30 10:29:22
Loved this game. Back in those days i was a big fan of beat-em ups, and this to me was the best of the lot. There were loads of hidden secrets activated by pressing various keys, which were just a laugh (esp the trouser one!). Highest belt i achieved on this was a Black 4. And multiplayer fights were bliss =)
Matt Taylor wrote ...2001-11-08 09:15:48
The thing that made this game so playable was the 3 player mode. Stick this thing in turbo (F7?) and watch the fists of fury fly (yes, that ball crunching sample was from Enter the Dragon). Try messing around with some of the other keys for some surprises. Did anyone manage to get black belt on this? 9/10
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:24:02
My favourite beat-em up. Fast and smooth sprites, good method of scoring and funny bonus rounds. Worth a try!
guy ross wrote ...2001-11-05 14:56:02
Still one of, I think, the best beat-em-ups ever written (and it was well written). Fast, nice cheats and more fun to play with than... well.. I don't know what.
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-05 04:50:04
The best beat 'em up ever! Even by todays standards! Kiyaaaaaaa!!
Gavin Lee wrote ...2001-11-02 19:01:48
I love this game, I just wish it was downloadable...
Stewart McGuinness wrote ...2001-11-02 08:32:11
One of my all time favourite ST games, and certainly the best beat 'em up, brilliant sound fx sampled from martial arts movies, and nice backdrops. A classic.