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Ikari Warriors
Publisher: Elite     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1988

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Ikari Warriors Click here to listen to the music from Ikari Warriors on-line
Genres : Action / Coin-op Conversion / Military

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ST Action
# 2 - Jun 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Grunaki wrote ...2006-05-30 23:53:45
The cheat for this was to get onto the high-score table and enter your name as 'FREERIDE' - it'd show up as something like '1988 Elite' and you'd have infinate lives. Pretty fun game - not a bad arcade conversion, but 'Victory Road' sucked ass.. :-(
Jarrath wrote ...2006-05-23 07:38:02
One of my all time fav games, great in two player mode.. Did anyone ever make it to the end of this game??
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-14 08:52:14
Brilliant two player frantic action. I enjoyed the chase to get the first tank. You can purchase a mobile copy of this game. I had one for my 6100 on O2 although the controls are rubbish. Try Dogs of War too.
zak wrote ...2004-07-29 10:55:37
Never worked on my 1040 ST, on the 512 of my friend worked fine
Liam Berry wrote ...2004-02-13 13:38:43
i always thought the bloke in the blue bandana was drinking from the grenade...
Mark B wrote ...2003-10-17 13:15:20
Well I'm stunned, glad ppl like this game coz I wrote it. I was part of the Microwish team that did the conversion, no word of a lie. Thx again :o)
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-11 17:05:32
This was a cool game. That theme tune... Wow. Loved the way enemy solders did a little pirouette when they die....
deleted wrote ...2003-03-22 16:03:44
just toi say I was young when I had the atari ST(4-8) and I still love this game!! What the highes tyou ever got??? mail me at muckians@gofree.indigo.ie
Antybots wrote ...2002-07-03 11:48:47
This surely rates as one of the all time greats on the St. Superb.
Kwong Wah wrote ...2002-05-03 16:00:13
One of the funniest and most playable shoot em ups around at the time.
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 00:29:24
Erm thats what this site is all about isnt it???, reasonable game...
Tim Scargill wrote ...2001-11-23 21:25:02
God, i used to play on this game for ever, anyone know where i can download it and get it to work on my PC ?
dada mohamed wrote ...2001-11-07 10:24:27
bande d'encule