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Hard Drivin'
Publisher: Domark     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Hard Drivin' Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : 3D / Racing

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# 15 - Dec 89
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# 6 - Jan 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Grunaki wrote ...2006-06-25 18:24:09
I liked this back when it came out, but it sucks to play now.. :-( Stunt Car Racer is a much better game, but I don't care for that much any more either...
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-01 22:44:25
C+VG claimed arcade perfect? damn those guys should have been sued lol...this was a bad conversion, primarily because the reason this did so well in the arcades was because of the wheel and the "real feel" dynamics that were fed through said wheel.....without a wheel this game just straight does not work as a concept....should have been left as an arcade game until the necesarry hardware became available.....but you know the games industry....if it does well in the arcade, lets just do a half assed conversion and get a few more quid out of the idea......this was a total ripoff on ALL formats.....if you want to play stunt cars, then try Stunt Car Racer (by Geoff Crammond, the same guy who did Formula 1 Grand Prix)
Karen wrote ...2006-05-01 00:56:24
One of the first games we ever bought. I loved hitting the cow, and also doing the rather hard loop-the-loop. However, deviating even slightly from the course used to result in a lot of "polygon error", where you would simultaneously be on a bridge and IN it - with a flickery portion of the car poking out of it! They should have picked up on this and marketed it as the first racing sim to ever attempt to appear in 4D.
bazfan wrote ...2004-01-15 08:18:23
the st just could not handle the frame rate for this to be any good.this should never have happened.
Dave D wrote ...2002-05-03 17:33:51
I found this game, controls included, far too easy. Finished the stunt track the day after I bought it. £30 down the drain.
Jonathan Thomas wrote ...2002-05-02 19:00:49
C&VG magazine were surely bribed to declare this as 'arcade perfect racing'. Nevertheless, fun racing action, if a little slow paced.
guy ross wrote ...2002-01-24 18:37:38
A bit of a bugger to get the hang of. the stunt track was bloody hard, so it was a relief to me when my mate found you can race and (easily) beat the phantom car by racing the spped track.. Ha ha ha... plus there was a cow to run over.. and it mooed when you did. nice touch, atari :p
Florian wrote ...2001-11-21 05:08:47
I played that game for a long time, until I discovered the trick to win against the phantom... Then, it lost a bit of its splendor but, hey, I still play it from time to time.
triggahappy wrote ...2001-11-15 19:01:38
I was a fiend for this back in the day. Flickery graffs and all. It took me a while to get the controls but like matt said "You either love it or hate it". I think everyone should have a little stunt racing in their lives.
Matt Taylor wrote ...2001-11-08 09:05:40
You either love it or hate it, but make no mistake, if you can get hold of the finicky control system then this is a great game. By no means a classic, but well worthy of a few minutes download time. 7/10
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:14:28
Stunt racing is the best.