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Publisher: Microdeal     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1987

Box scan missing - can you help? Goldrunner Click here to listen to the music from Goldrunner on-line
Genres : Sci-fi / Shoot-em-up
Musician : Robb Hubbard     Programmer : Steve Bak     Artist : Pete Lyon    

There is a sequel to this game called Goldrunner 2

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-04-12 03:54:46
Pretty standard scrolling shooter with awful colours and it was too hard! The graphics weren't as bad as others though. I paid 99p for this and that was about right.
NeckBrace wrote ...2004-10-11 16:09:03
Steve Bak seemed to be of the impression taht we all have 4 hands and instantaneous reactions - his games were always ludicrously hard. In this case it ruins a promising shoot 'em up.
SaTcom2 wrote ...2004-07-17 00:33:42
Ya die all the time...great graphics for the time, lousy gameplay that was only worth putting up with before the novelty of the graphics wore off, years ago. Oh yeah, it is like Uridium, wasn't that the other game where you died all the time?
guy ross wrote ...2003-03-05 18:43:02
Mmmm, smooth scrolling... But it did get a bit confusing at times, especially when you flew really fast, then just exploded.... But at least you exploded smoothly
CAMAX wrote ...2002-09-19 11:00:31
Really nice game, this game was beautiful when it appears on our ST. Fabulous, and a long time playing game
EN4CER wrote ...2002-07-03 08:57:42
A nice game with the coolest soundtrack i' ve ever heard but I nevr could complete the first level of this game, could someone help me?
Guus wrote ...2002-03-15 16:10:34
Actually, the game got boring very quickly, but that sound, oh my... :)
Feige wrote ...2002-01-18 04:53:30
I can remember I had this game running the whole day long. Not for playing but to have a cool background-music!!! Rob Hubbard rocks! What else? Oh, yeah, nice game by the way. This was also the game they played on that Atari-spot on TV.
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-11 10:29:10
I agree with Matthias. And I just love the soundtrack!
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-04 04:38:22
One of the cooles games for the ST - ultra smooth scrolling and very good animations - the best Uridium clone for the ST.