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Garfield Big, Fat, Hairy Deal
Publisher: The Edge     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Garfield Big, Fat, Hairy Deal Click here to listen to the music from Garfield Big, Fat, Hairy Deal on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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ST Action
# 7 - Nov 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Aqua The Hedgehog wrote ...2006-01-02 20:53:46
I think this game would be pretty funny, even funnier if you could kick Jon just to piss him off.
Buchaka wrote ...2003-05-18 06:18:35
the speccy version was much better... I think that the mission was find your girlfriend...
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-04-03 20:01:57
I first saw "Garfield" back in 1991 when we took a trip to Italy. We went and stayed many days over at my cousin's house in Castlenuovo (New Castle) and I saw he had an Atari ST computer. He had a big box of disks with games. I went through the disks and I came across one that had the name "Garfield" on the front. I played the game and I loved how cool the game was where you walk around and pick up food, tools, etc. and kick Odie. The first time I saw it, I never wanted to stop playing it. When I play it, I try hard to figure out how to get into the house that I can't get in. If you're a big fan of Garfield, try this game.
allan Wenham wrote ...2002-02-15 04:08:22
There is a rat in the basement and a chest, I think you have to use somthing to get the rat to open it.. Err that all I can remember... Quite a good game if you like Garfield
Feige wrote ...2002-01-18 04:58:14
Can anybody tell me what this game is about??? How this game works: you walk around finding cakes and pasta, kicking Odie all the time as well as Nermal. That's it.