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Final Fight
Publisher: US Gold     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1991

Box scan missing - can you help? Final Fight Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Beat-em-up / Coin-op Conversion

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ST Format
# 29 - Dec 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

cell jr wrote ...2006-12-19 11:58:40
love this game
turrican wrote ...2006-07-26 17:04:01
maybe had they made the sprites smaller they couldve have kept the speed up, but then it would'nt be final fight.A brave conversion for the lower spec 16 bit machines of the day.Only the consoles were half decent enough to provide a good conversion. mega cd and snes, and even they were'nt perfect.Oh well thank god for mame then.
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-13 04:00:21
I loved this game, one of the greatest beat 'em ups, but was dissapointed with the ST version. No SFX, one music track & bad graphics killed this version. Try the Gameboy Advance or PS2 versions. I recommend sticking to Double Dragon on the ST.
Craig Morris wrote ...2003-12-23 04:50:57
I remember having this for my STE a few years ago and upon booting it said that it detected the STE hardware, any difference......NO! Not a terrible game by any means but having played the SNES version (The censored Final Fight - No Guy and the girls have been changed to ladyboy punks) The ST version has left a terrible taste in my mouth.
Ally C wrote ...2003-12-22 19:14:30
The arcade version was good, but sadly the ST version was pish. I got it free with my ST (1991 being the year I finally got my STE)
Violent Cat wrote ...2003-09-16 16:54:09
This is a great game you can get the arcade version at www.kemuland.com download the MAME emulator and find this game at the MAME ROMS you can find more classic arcades there enjoy!
Bazfan is an asshole wrote ...2003-07-29 08:22:39
I do declare Bazfan is a big fat cock who spoils everything for everybody. F**k off Bazfan.
Pam wrote ...2003-04-16 19:28:35
there was like what 3 levels in this game? lol, and you could play the whole thing through in about 30 minutes! well they dont make em like they used to, lol.
Naykon wrote ...2002-09-14 13:31:49
knife EM! SMACK em! AV IT!
bazfan wrote ...2002-08-20 13:06:04
Arcade final fight is excellent. Sega mega cd final fight is excellent Snes final fight is good (except for guy missing) Atari st final fight....they cocked it up big time.
Mayor_Haggar wrote ...2002-08-20 09:54:28
No one has been able to improve this marvelous beat´em up. Some people have tried to create a rival in terms of quality or playability but in my opinion this game is the best ever. Only vendetta from konami could be considered as analternative to such a mixture of graphics, charisma and playability. Really final fight is more than a video game, in all systems in which it was programmed. It is reference for all who make a beat´em up, and more having in mind that nobody have reached its quality. "Final fight is art"
K.T wrote ...2002-02-14 07:19:16
The lack of sound effects, the jerky scrolling, the repetitive music and crap A.I ruined the ST version of this great arcade game. On the other hand the graphics are quite faithful to the original and generally well animated (for an ST port anyway).
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 00:18:08
erm did nobody else have NO sound effects with this game (punches etc.) That TOTALLY ruined the arcade game that i loved
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-20 17:53:27
final fight on st was slow jerky and had terrible music, still i played it till the death, and enjoyed it somehow,but that slow down was just to much, play double dragon on the master system, now thats a good game
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-12-07 08:25:10
I think this game is way better than "Double Dragon"...But then again, to each his own (never saw the arcade version though). It has nice, big sprites....I agree on the music part, it's horrible!
Noor Gabriel Fawzi wrote ...2001-11-05 07:16:25
Horrible port of the arcade classic. The game graphics looks washed out and it had this same psycho music on every level! Avoid! Play Double Dragon instead!