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Feudal Lords
Publisher: Impressions     Developer: Plato
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Feudal Lords Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Wdll wrote ...2003-07-27 15:03:36
Very similar to Defender of the Crown and IMO better for the strategy part. Think of DOTC only without all the arcade parts, a slightly better battles part (although no action catapult for the castles), better (of course) diplomacy, and few options for to develop your teritories, like build markets etc to increase income. The AI is very difficult to beat! One of the extra good things about this game is that at first when you choose your character/king you can put 3 points to Vitality, Charisma and Leardership, max of 2 for each. I usualy go for 1 vitality and 2 leadership. LEadership affects mostly the battles, and the morale of the troops in battles. Charisma I think it affects your relationship with the other lords and with your people (they can rebel, especialy if funded by an enemy lord!) and Vitality for....your life. A very good aspect that I haven't seen much till the modern Shogun and Medieval Wars. You, as the lord in charge, have some life which over the years (each turn is three months) will get worse, or just older if you wish. You can die by natural causes over the many years if you survive (as I recently found out), or if another lord sens assasins to kill you...If they succeed your are dead and game over, if not you might catch them or/and they might succeed to injure you and lose points from your life. Not very often though, unless you are playing with other humans. And there is where the game shines even more. The multiplayer game can be very very good. A very good game. 4/5 stars.
Barkie wrote ...2003-07-24 13:50:37
I loved this game in the good old days, basically it is like Defender of the Crown, there are four kingdoms fighting over a country you can build armies castles, markets etc etc The battles are similar to DOC as the computer just shows some graphics of troops fighting away (if i remember right you can pick formations.) You can also build alliances with the other Kings and game is for 1 to 4 human or computer controlled players. If you liked Defender of the Crown or you like your war games you should try this.