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Publisher: Interstel     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Empire Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Wargame

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ST Action
# 8 - Dec 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Tweeze wrote ...2010-04-21 15:42:43
For me, quite possibly the most addictive game I ever played. I'd check the clock at 2AM - ok, good I still have 4 good hours of sleep before work ... just 1 more turn. 3:30AM - still up - still time for sleep - 1 more turn...etc. I bought this because the folks at the computer store were so engrossed they couldn't even wait on me. Must be a good game. I'll buy it.
Websi wrote ...2007-07-20 13:50:57
Hey "a nameless horror"! Thanks for help :-) It´s working with the memory save state option - even in stew... greetings to all EMPIRE-Fans!!!
A nameless horror wrote ...2006-12-23 19:14:35
Try using STeem instead - it's got a memory save state option if all else fails.
Websi wrote ...2006-12-23 11:37:28
Hey there! My goodness, I played that game all night long - about 20 years ago... Now I´m very happy to have it on my PC - and everything is working fine, BUT I can´t save not a single game... :-((( !!!! I´m using the stew-emulation, and tried everything... Can anybody maybe help me????? PLEASE!!!!! :-)
BlueMak wrote ...2004-06-24 21:13:38
One of the best strategy/wargames ever. You (and each of the other AI or human players) start with a city and try to conquer the world. The world can be randomized each time. Can build a variety of, land sea and air units. Excellent turn based game that worked both in colour and monochrome monitors. If you like strategy or wargames it would be a crime not to have played this gem.
David Vaughan wrote ...2004-01-01 19:39:33
Empire can be found on Automation compact disk 102 and Medway Boys compact disk 26.
Simon Beal wrote ...2003-12-01 08:10:45
A true classic, I spent weeks playing this very simple but totally addictive game. The nearest thing to a forerunner of the Civilisation games.
Michael Kischel wrote ...2003-07-28 15:12:11
Suche vom originalspiel die Passwörter zu Empire. Habe ein Atari mit dem originalspiel aber ohne anleitung, wer kann helfen??
Andrew Thomas wrote ...2003-07-13 12:43:39
A classic among classics, this one! Love it, love it!
Calle Nordqvist wrote ...2003-07-07 14:14:11
This is a great wargame! I remember playing this against my brother, a true classic!
Meow Money wrote ...2002-07-26 06:25:19
A Classic. Why didn't write anybody yet ?