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Publisher: Rainbird     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1988

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Elite Click here to listen to the music from Elite on-line
Genres : 3D / Action / Sci-fi / Strategy

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Nov 88
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# 2 - Nov 88
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# 7 - Nov 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Eddie Brown wrote ...2010-03-25 18:34:50
I am trying to find a version of elite, the original game on Atari st as life BC (Before Children) i managed to get to Dangerous now 18 years later i would like to try again and this time get to Elite
Grunaki wrote ...2009-10-07 12:00:38
@Miltiades - 6 year+ gap in replying but here: http://www.oolite.org/ Could also download STEEM and Pompey Pirates #2 or Automation #14..
fred norman wrote ...2007-07-17 02:35:57
A firm favourite with my son and I until Tramiel forsook us. norfred
adam payne wrote ...2006-09-27 09:42:33
A superb space/trading sim. I had the Pompey Pirates cracked version that had the trainer on it (press * to access the trainer). Get it, play it, love it!
Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-04 11:51:28
This was a great game on the BBC Micro in 1984, but four years down the line on the ST, it wasn't nearly as groundbreaking; with many more complex 3D space shooter/simulations on the market. The graphics were nice though, and the gameplay was reasonably faithful to the original.
fjell wrote ...2006-08-18 12:15:19
dude stfu... but anyway yea this game is cool but if u want a better space trading sim i would go with Sundog.... much much better then elite imho.
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-01 22:06:43
i think elite gets hyped too much (SHOCK HORROR OOOOOH THE NERVE!!!)....yes it was groundbreaking for its day, but it was eclipsed by a FAR better sequel.....some people love elite and hate Frontier, and some people love Frontier and hate Elite.....some people love them both.....me personally, I dont see what the fuss is about with Elite, it was great when it first came out but given the choice, for me its Frontier....everytime......credit where its due tho, elite was the mothergame for all the clones that followed plus other series such as wing commander.....this was the first .....the mother......but a mother showing her age.
costas simeonidis wrote ...2004-11-26 18:17:39
I'm desperate to find this for my pc, I actually have the original which still works on my old ST(which is somewhere in the loft), a great game that I spent hours playing when I was much younger.
David Vaughan wrote ...2004-01-01 19:20:52
Elite can be found on Automation compact disk 14 and Pompey Pirates compact disk 2.
Simo Knuutinen wrote ...2003-05-23 11:38:14
Some people says it's good but I like more a simple games, like nebulus :)
Miltiades wrote ...2003-03-16 16:39:40
How can I play ELITE on the PC?
Harm wrote ...2002-12-22 15:58:10
I restarted playing it short time ago. But like years before I am not able to succeed in the last mission (destroying a thargoid base). The one before was hard enough (the thargoid docs). This game is like a drug. You can´t stop. Right on commander... (If anyone knows the solution please mail to AllanOfDale@compuserve.de)
The Estee wrote ...2002-11-12 09:47:34
OVERKILL...OVERKILL...OVERKILL!!!!!! It was much better when it was just plain old vector graphics. Again, O V E R K I L L ! ! !
Darkbee wrote ...2002-05-18 08:39:28
I have to agree in part with Dave D, there were a few elements that I didn't like in the ST version but that said there were some additions that I did like. I seem to remember that it would sometimes get a bit slow on the ST if there was a lot going on. A classic though on ANY platform and If you've never played it then you don't know what you are missing. This is definately one of the most classic games of all time and will forever be a part of gaming history.
Dave D wrote ...2002-05-03 17:07:47
Sorry, but I thought the ST version of Elite SUCKED (and I bought it)! It was simply too easy and did not pose the same nail-biting challenge or tension as the original BBC Micro version. It was simply a disappointment.
ScreamingPlum wrote ...2002-04-22 05:21:45
This game kicls ass - eight whole galaxies will have you playing it for a very long time.
Rasmus LindŽn wrote ...2002-04-02 08:03:53
This game is a classic and a good one too, play it and be amazed. Then play Elite 2 and never step back!
Rui del-Negro wrote ...2002-03-10 19:06:40
If you liked Elite and are looking for a similar game on the PC, try Privateer. Privateer 2 and Independence War 2 are also similar but a bit too "story-driven" for my taste. Privateer gives you more freedom an a much more realistic feeling of actually being there, not just playng a game. I've been told that X: Final Frontier is also similar to Elite, but it crashes every 2 minutes on my computer, so I can't even get past the tutorial.
Feige wrote ...2002-01-17 06:07:30
Although this game actually IS a classic bestseller, I didn't like it as much as FRONTIER - ELITE II. Anyway, it's a lot of fun until you've seen Elite 2...
venny wrote ...2001-11-13 14:24:57
Graham Mackenzie wrote ...2001-11-10 15:44:34
A very very very difficult game, but if youre up for a challenge I really recommend it. When it first came out on the ST I had a friend who clocked up 37 days solid play from the in-game timer and he was nowhere near completing it although he did have the cloaking device and a ton of thyroid docs which he couldn't get rid of. Amazing game hily recommended
Dr. Seltsam wrote ...2001-11-08 09:49:48
Elite is "The Game". I searched for similar games and found Privateer 2 - The Darkening. When i played Privateer, i always thought about Elite!
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:05:15
Elite is and was my all-time favourite game on the ST. It took me years to learn how to dock without a docking computer so I played it with a trainer first. Never got past the Thargoids document mission... Pretty cool game!
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-06 09:34:46
The classic space trading game! Having played this on the Spectrum I have to say the ST version was really great, so much better, with filled polygons instead of wire-frame graphics. I'm sure everyone knows about Elite, so there's not much you can say about it. If you like space games, you must play Elite!