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Dungeon Master
Publisher: Mirrorsoft     Developer: FTL
Year of release: 1987

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Dungeon Master Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Fantasy / Roleplaying

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ST Action
# 1 - May 88
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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Tweeze wrote ...2010-04-19 16:27:00
Excellent game! Would love to see more like this. We laughed our butts off after most of out party was killed and we could imagine ourselves reanimating them and being chased naked and weaponless, our bare feet slapping the cold concrete dungeon floor.
ichichich75 wrote ...2007-05-14 14:24:24
Clearly one of the best RPG's for the ST, no question.
Kris H. wrote ...2007-04-29 00:57:10
Besides the purple worms, I also recall the huge scorpions scaring the heck out of me on level 9, and the incredible task of mapping level 8 with the fireballs flying all over. There was an inherent feeling of being very "deep" in the ground with the later levels.
adam payne wrote ...2006-09-27 06:41:21
One of the best dungeon crawler RPG's available then and now!
Gothmog9679 wrote ...2006-04-17 15:40:09
ohh yeah and I do have it on pocket pc now i can play anytime anywhere. muhuhuhhahahaha
Gothmog9679 wrote ...2006-04-17 14:53:41
This is the best rpg i ever played ever. as you can tell it has left it's mark. I use Gothmog as my screen name all the time. He was the coolest charecter. It is what got me addicted to gaming and i was only like 7 years old when I played it. Ive played it over and over since then and always find something I never saw before. I recomend this game to anyone who has or hasent played this game.
ukdesigner wrote ...2006-03-03 01:49:34
Oh yeah, and i still got the magic symbols on the back of my bedroom door! They aint never comin down!
ukdesigner wrote ...2006-03-03 01:47:31
Best game on the Atari St ??? Id say its the bloody best game ever made! How many games can you say I remember and explain in detail a whole story for each level what happened back in them days when games were not so deep. Jeez, this game is really rare to find now in its original condition and getting to be worth more money all the time. Lucky we got emulators to play it without any load times nowdays. Personally i always saw my uncle get passed the dragon, but i never got to meet him myself so i will be installing the emulator and going through the whole game in a minute... :D XBOX360 ? PS3? Who needs em when ya got dis game? TIMELESS... CLASSIC... AMAZING! And there isnt a game out there thats scared children like that one, and did u people not notice, "THERE WAS NO ACTUAL PHYSICAL VIOLENCE" e.g. blood, just seeing the creatures whilst your light runs out and the occasional roar of them freakin fat worms was scary as hell!!!
Actinide wrote ...2004-09-28 10:35:04
Hi all I want Dungeon Master game please Thx
rentaprogrammer wrote ...2004-08-20 21:54:44
I was actually 20 years old when this game came out. It was without a doubt, the best d&d type game in its time across all platforms. In fact, it was probably the first, first person perspective game ever created (maybe exaggerating, but I don't recall anything prior to this game). It is a winner. I finished the game a few times. I played it several weeks instead of studying. Heck, just as most bonafide nerds do, I spent a spring break playing this while the rest of the university was out chasing women. What a sad lot we are!
Mikandos wrote ...2004-07-29 01:28:45
People who like this game should try the Dungeons of Daggorath. It is a 3D first-person RPG written in eight thousand bytes. I played it on my Radio Shack Color Computer 2 when I was a kid. I was not able to beat it.
MR.X wrote ...2004-06-27 22:41:43
i was 4 when i first played the game. And like most ppl also i was very scared from some of the monsters (Mummies and purple worms but most of all of the ghost since it could fly through doors and you couldnt hide from it) most of the time i was training them very hard. the best game on the ST
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 13:12:23
I think this is the most popular game for ST ever. My mum bought me an Atari ST for my 7th birthday just so she could play this after I went to bed (she had friends with the system and this game). It took us both ages to get past the Purple Worms on level 4 (because I was scared crapless of them. and the shreikers. and the mummies. and the dragon).
Neal Holton wrote ...2004-04-18 17:54:01
When i first learned about emulation - the first game i wanted - bar none... Simply the best game created for the ST :-) thanks FTL
Henning Mueller wrote ...2004-02-28 09:30:05
The Copy of Dungeon Master wasnt runable on my Atari ST. This was the biggest Desaster in my Video Game Life...
jallen wrote ...2004-02-18 12:20:35
This is the first game I hunted down right after I installed STEEM.... that says it all.
ZZip wrote ...2004-02-12 17:40:16
This was quite a revolutionary RPG at the time. One of a handful of ST classics
Nick Clarkson wrote ...2004-01-28 05:23:38
I wrote the review for Dungeon Master in ST Action issue 1 and I have to say that during all my time on the magazine this was in my top 3 games of all time. FTL produced great games, sadly too few...
Antarro wrote ...2003-10-10 06:34:22
I absolutely adored this one and would go as far to say that it was my reason for getting the ST in the first place! I first saw it in a local store and wanted a go when I saw the gorgeous graphics - short lived shot though as I was beaten to death by a mummy while feebly trying to throw apples and allsorts at it! I still go back to it every-so-often. A timeless classic!
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-07 15:09:45
God I loved this game.... Scared the crap out of me too - I was too nervous to venture very far into level four (below choose ur door choose ur fate) when I first got it back in the eighties!!! Mmmmmmm, I could go for a Screamer Slice right now....
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 09:34:33
Dungeon Master, the most memorable game that i can remember, DM just rules!!!
Nuk wrote ...2003-04-27 18:17:21
The best 1st Person adventure game for the Atari ST ever sold. Pick you players, slay the monsters, win the day!
Sigfrodi wrote ...2003-04-02 15:08:47
Now that is what I call a real classic! DM still rocks!! 16 years after its release I still play it and find it one of the best RPG of all time!!
Rich Heidtman wrote ...2003-03-27 16:53:25
Download this total rewrite of the game... Its exactly accurate. http://ragingmole.com/RTC/index.html Its called Return to Choas... and it include Chaos Strikes Back too.
davidpoole wrote ...2003-02-20 21:52:55
this was one of my all time favourite childhood games, and today i am so not happy seeing it pimped around like a cheap slut for everybody elses amusement! you were either there or not when this shit was going down real good! ;O)
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-02-18 01:00:38
I remember playing Dungeon Master a little bit back in 1989. I remember when I played this game, I never knew what to do except walk around. When I found a picture of a person, I clicked on it and it brought up a new screen with information about the character. I was six in 1989 and I couldn't read very well. It's also a great Atari ST classic and I'll figure it out someday. Dungeon Master can be found on Automation compact disk 97.
Darren Ball wrote ...2003-02-02 17:18:13
Played this game constantly - still my favourite ST game of all time.
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-31 06:01:36
I don't have a problem with admitting that there would probably be no EOB without DM, but I just liked being able to create my own characters.
Casey Monroe wrote ...2003-01-28 15:18:23
Understandable, but you still have to have respect for DM regardless of what you preferred to play, because DM invented the genre. It's like saying you liked Warcraft II better than Warcraft I. That's fine--but Warcraft II was a refinement on the concepts that Warcraft I invented.
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-14 11:58:47
Don't kill me, but I preferred Eye of the Beholder on the Amiga.
Harm wrote ...2002-12-22 15:30:08
I remember me waking up in the middle of the night just having found the solution for the next problem. Amazing athmosphere... Ful Ir!
zurman wrote ...2002-11-25 12:33:35
the best game ever, by far
mefistofele wrote ...2002-10-30 10:45:31
To Theodore: why the ST kicked Amiga arse... You should know that DM was adapted on the Amiga Platform, with better graphics and sound than on ST. I don't think it's wise to relaunch, 15 years after, the ST/Amiga war. Especially when you see the result...
AnthraX wrote ...2002-10-12 22:07:52
Many a day was wasted (Not in a bad way ;) ) playing this game late night sessions lights out wandering around those dungeon's wondering what beast was around the next corner. You just can't beat the pant wetting terror of coming round a corner pointy little sticks in hand and coming face to face with that bloody great big dragon :-) possibly one of the scariest moments in gaming ever :)
hellscream wrote ...2002-10-11 03:51:57
THE father of all video rpg! definitevely the best game for the ST! nothing more to say! i remember the first time i played it (i was 8y old) and the first mummy i saw (on the first ssub level, w/ no light) : god, i was so scarred i that i just switched off the ST and did not touch it for hours!
Neal wrote ...2002-09-24 16:06:45
Truly amazing - there is nothing more to say....
EsAy wrote ...2002-08-09 16:26:37
Agreed ! This game is most definately is The Daddy !
DAHstra wrote ...2002-07-21 07:03:47
Anyone remember playing this game so much you would dream about solutions, and BEING in the game? :) Jamison dahstra.atari.org
Scoops wrote ...2002-06-21 18:43:37
Yep, this game was totally excellent. I played it right through to the end, which for me is no mean feat! Never played the sequel though it was supposed to be harder? This game also started a slew of clones from Eye of the Beholder to Captive. Wasn't this really an update though of the old Spectrum game Swords and Sorcery by PSS???
Richard Benson wrote ...2002-05-17 05:36:51
This game is amazing. Most people surely bought their ST just to play it. I know I did.
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-05-12 18:14:43
Like the book Lord of the Rings, I get back to this once a year and try to complete it. Unlike the book I do it a different way each time!!
Controversy wrote ...2002-04-25 09:23:22
Has anyone played the new Java version of this game? Not bad. Someone is creating a 3D version of it I think. Should be great!! Imagine turning a corner to see those pink worms slithering towards you!!!
Controversy wrote ...2002-04-25 09:20:05
Definitely the best game on the ST! It took a while to complete but finally managed it. Agree the end was poor! Then bought Chaos Strikes Back - not as good but still OK. Then with one of my first pc's bought Dungeon Master 2 (surely it should have been 3!!) - a crap game!!
Stevebee wrote ...2002-04-17 08:43:27
Ahh the memories...it was the first ST game I had ever completed...the end stank though....did anyone paly the sequal?....not half as good This is the best ST game ever
J-Beezy wrote ...2002-04-12 02:35:33
I just loaded the emulator and game...and man did that take me back!! I was never as obsessed with ANY game like Dungeon Master. Truely classic! I just wish I had saved all the maps I created on graph paper back then. SOMEONE SHOULD PORT THIS TO POCKETPC!!!
celtic_loic wrote ...2002-04-11 20:51:26
the best game ever!!!!
Simon Innes wrote ...2002-04-07 23:19:36
Arrg..Found it :) The game I was thinking of was called Mystic Well
Simon Innes wrote ...2002-04-07 22:37:34
Definite classic :) How could anyone forget?? I am searching for a game that used a similar engine...I found it on a cover disc one time and spent months playing it...It was reaaaly wierd...Does anyone have any idea what I'm on about? :P Send me an e-mail if you know.
Sebastian K. wrote ...2002-04-05 04:38:20
As I was younger I spended many nights with that game... It´s the greatest!!!
Rui del-Negro wrote ...2002-03-06 23:37:50
This is the only game that EVER managed to scare me (System Shock 2 came close). Level 3. An inscription on the wall reads "prepare to meet your doom". A giant wasp attacks me and I deal with it. Was that it? Hah! Then I hear a very unpleasant, very dry roar, and all of a sudden I'm surrounded by pink worms. I try to fight but my party iskilled in a few minutes. I couldn't play for two months. I finally got enugh courage to face those hideous things again and was very pleased to find they didn't turn up in any other level. The dragon was a piece of cake compared to them. To win the game you had to create fluxcages around Chaos (he could get out of a cage, but not go into one) and then fuse him with the Firestaff (after it had the Power Gem). The best RPG I've ever played, ex aequo with Ultima 7.
[TURDZ] wrote ...2002-03-05 20:32:59
omg, cant belive I didnt think about having an emulator for this, this is brilliant... The whole realtime idea and playability, superb. The first mummy I meet keeps scaring the crap outta me :D I'm affraid it will once again suck me right in.
jon davenport wrote ...2002-02-24 10:03:36
Fantastic game.... I must have spent weeks of my life wasting away in front of it... returning again and again to that room where the tree-like screamers regenerated... aahhhh memories.....
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-02-13 18:34:48
The game that made you realise that there was a difference between 8-bit and 16-bit games. A classic in every sense. I still play it regularly.
Daveboy the third wrote ...2002-02-09 08:22:28
Easily the best ST game of all time!
delta19 wrote ...2002-01-30 20:45:55
Yes a 100 percent gem! being chased around a room of flying fireballs and having your inventory raided by the laughing little flyboy thief!
Bob Riot wrote ...2002-01-28 19:05:48
One of the greats, if you are too young to have played this then download an emulator now along with this game!!!
momo wrote ...2002-01-21 10:16:09
the best one
Feige wrote ...2002-01-18 04:33:54
Who doesn't know this game??? But can anybody tell me how to kill the final magician in the bottom floor? I've been punching and fireballing him for hours without any result. Anyway, as the others here said: unbelievable atmospheric! I don't need music or 3D-grafix when I have such brilliant pixelgrafix and suuuuper-gameplay along with those cool sounds, for example when an iron gate shuts :-)
Martyn G Homatopoulos wrote ...2001-12-26 21:07:33
Three words: Greatest Game Ever
Andreas Franzen wrote ...2001-12-13 19:16:51
This game is probably my all-time favourite. I remember the expectations I had from reading about it, and when I ran it the first time it lived up to all of them. Ok, some of the inventory functions could have used a little more work, but once you get caught in the atmosphere of the game, you hardly think about it. One of the true historic games from the 16-bit era, and definitely worth trying.
Joe wrote ...2001-12-11 07:59:27
What can I say? ... Brilliant!
Matt Taylor wrote ...2001-11-08 09:03:52
The 'daddy' of the first person shooter. Without this there would be no 'Doom' etc. The first game to really. and powerfully, replicate the 'Dungeons and Dragons board game on a computer, this game oozes depth, atmosphere and playablity (even now!). Do yourself a massive favour and download this today, but make sure you play through it. You'll need to find the manual though as the spell system is encryped and therefore useless without the translator page in the back of the user guide. 10/10
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:19:24
This one is really good. Although I don't like RPGs on computers at all. One of the most mentioned ST classics ever!
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:18:43
This one is really good. Although I don't like RPGs on computers at all. One of the most mentioned ST classics ever!
Theodore wrote ...2001-11-06 15:31:58
We spent many hours, late at night, stuck our screens playing this in the olden days, and what really pleased me was that coming back to it after all these years, and its still just as perfect. ATMOSPHERIC isnt a good enough word. This one will, even compared to todays standards, frighten the crap out of you. Actually this game is probably one of the best ever made for any machine EVER. If you havent played Dungeon Master you certainly never knew why the ST kicked Amigas arse, screw Eye Of the Beholder!!!!!!
James Fredericks wrote ...2001-11-05 15:22:23
This game truly ruled for it's time. One of the first 3D dungeon romps, it is quite dated by today's standards, but back in the day, me and my roomate played this game non-stop. I strongly suggest you get this game. There is a sequel called Chaos Strikes Back! The bad guy in this gamed is named Chaos.
Rich Heidtman wrote ...2001-11-02 08:47:06
This was by far the best game for the ST. I still love and play this game and it still my favorite game of all time for any system or computer. The real nastalgia comes from the game being very moody and mysterious. It wasn't a bad thing there wasn't music. The sound effects were great and really jumped out at you. There is no other game that I know of that captures the same mood and atmosphere. Plain and simple its a great game. The only thing that would be cool in a sequal would be to have your characters interact like they do in Baldur's Gate. If you had drama and humor in between scary moody atmosphere... it would be even better.