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Dragons Breath
Publisher: Palace     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Dragons Breath Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Fantasy / Simulation / Strategy

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# 17 - Feb 90
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# 10 - May 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Bleanord wrote ...2009-07-14 10:59:16
When I'd finally figured out how to hatch my dragon I was devastated to realise he just wasn't quite "right" from all those random potions I'd poured on the egg. Such a mental game
Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-04 11:34:20
This game came bunlded with my STE and I so wanted to love it. The graphics were beautiful and the gameplay promised an interesting mixture of strategy and adventure. However, I found the computer opponents just too powerful - you'd take ages to hatch fairly weak dragons and they'd turn out hugely powerful ones in no time - and hunting for the pieces of the talisman seemed more a case of luck than skill. I'll echo that I found the spell casting system impossible to understand; was there anything to it other than random experiment? Overall, the game seems something of a flawed gem.
fjell wrote ...2006-08-18 19:52:13
this game is waaaaay to brutal..... the alchemy system is waaaaay beyond my intelligence... i cant comprehend any of it......
Markus Ewald wrote ...2004-07-25 18:32:31
Great game, as long as you ignore the spell system you'll understand how to play in less than half an hour. I ran into some problems with the pompey pirate version, so I'd suggest using the automation disk image. PP36 has some missing line breaks in the intro scroller, a not cleanly removed manual check and, the only real problem, when flying training missions with one of your dragons, there are no ground installations visible - in other words, you can not successfully complete the mission.
lethal0r wrote ...2004-06-08 20:44:34
one of my favourite st games. the spell making and buying ingredients was so cool. but I found it absolute hell to find the talisman parts, i think i only ever found 1 at most.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-10-27 18:45:05
Dragons Breath can be found on Automation compact disk 300 and Pompey Pirates compact disk 36.
Barkie wrote ...2003-07-24 13:44:02
I loved this game but agree with the point where it felt like you needed a degree in Chemistry to get the spells to work. Just got a hold of it for Steem so after around 10 yrs maybe the spell mixing will be easier. Will have to get my head straight to read through Aliens Docs ! If you haven't played this you should give it a go just don't plan on doing anything else for a while. :-)
Pije wrote ...2002-07-27 10:34:39
i love this game, does anyone have it so i can do a file transfer? my atari broke:(
Dave Knoxbridge wrote ...2002-05-08 06:30:25
I played this for hours before finally finishing it - I've got an awesome spell that makes your dragons unbeatable, they can level a town no problem and easily see off the other players dragons in combat. Top game. Still play it from time to time on my ST (still going strong).
Small and hairy wrote ...2002-02-21 13:05:42
now THIS game was amazing at the time, HAving to Incubate your eggs properly for the kind of dragon you wanted(slower=stronger, faster=weaker) the point of the game was to find one perticualr area on the map, cant remember much more about it :( need 2 get it of the ftp*cough* SOON ;)
Rob Parkin wrote ...2002-01-21 07:27:45
I have this game but I don't have a clue wot to do I just end up mixing potions all the time
lyric wrote ...2002-01-14 18:37:07
this is simply the best game i have played..now if i could just download it off the ftp site everything would be giood
Kwong wrote ...2001-12-30 19:03:12
The best game I have ever played to date. Experimentation with spell components to get the best possible spell for a particular effect kept me at this game for months. I still go back and play this game even after ten years!
cokephreak wrote ...2001-11-19 12:26:35
This was the most amazing game, purely because of the complexity of the spellcasting. It needed a degree in chemistry (or so it seemed at the time) to get the most basic effects to take place.