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Dragon Ninja
Publisher: Ocean     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

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Genres : Beat-em-up / Coin-op Conversion
Musician : Jonathan Dunn    

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Atari ST User
Aug 89

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Thomas Wellicome wrote ...2006-08-02 12:04:35
I liked this game as well. Thought it was pretty well balanced move wise myself, even though there was a bug and you could punch when there was no-one around but you couldn't actually punch people when they came up to you, only kick. It does get slow occasionally though. And the jumping bits were a pain up the arse.. But lets face it, you can't beat the fire breathing fatman as the first end of level boss ;-) BTW I quite liked the music!
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-01 21:55:50
people always used to compare this with double dragon but it was an unfair comparison as both games took different approaches to the same genre.....i always really like this game despite the limit of moves you could pull and the sometimes sluggish gameplay.....it wasnt perfect by any means, but the gfx were crisp and clear and it did what it said on the tin.....not the best game in the genre, but one that i have fond memories off.
BlueMak wrote ...2004-07-29 16:25:00
There are several bad things about this game, but overall it is much better than the sum of all its parts. Easily 3.5/5 for me. Fun game.
Violent_Cat wrote ...2004-07-20 22:08:08
Yeah the Dragon ninja story well first time i saw it it was back in 89 at the arcades and since then it was the best version too better then the ST or the c64 by the way the version you play and i'm talking to 8/16bit is same like the arcade so you should be very happy to try the real thing :)
8/16bit wrote ...2004-01-28 13:46:30
just played this on mame and it was'nt too bad, far better than the st version though, gfx are just about the same, the arcade game as a lot more moves though, and the musics terrible on the st too,
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-10-27 18:34:42
Dragon Ninja can be found on Automation compact disk 340.
Haggar wrote ...2003-01-26 12:00:10
One of the first beatém up i had the chance to play, exactly it was the second right after double dragon and..........i really enjoyed it, as a matter of fact i play this game a couple of times per month, theh doctor prescribed it to me to keep my nostalgia level alive :)
Antybots wrote ...2002-07-03 11:37:44
I actually quite enjoyed this game. The moves were extremely limited and the animation was crap but I was mad for arcade beat-em-ups and this was the only one I owned, so, myself and my brother spent many hours blissfully playing two-player games.
Kwong Wah wrote ...2002-05-03 14:39:39
I remember my old school friends raving on about this game when it was out, it was two years after I first heard about it did I finally get the game, for me it was dogged by some really poor controls
Mark Ashford wrote ...2002-04-16 10:28:52
I never played this game, but yeah, the full title is Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja as bazfan said below. How bad a title is that? Can anyone think of a worse one? Perhaps one of the old Jeff Minter llama or camel titles maybe ...
bazfan wrote ...2002-03-14 16:43:16
bad dudes v dragon ninja hey, quite pathetic really. i think the c64 version was better.