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Defender of the Crown
Publisher: Cinemareware Corporation     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: Unknown

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Defender of the Crown Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

cego wrote ...2009-11-01 08:36:03
nice 1!
adam payne wrote ...2006-09-27 09:27:44
A superb strategy game that has quite a bit to offer both strategy game fans and non strategy game fans alike. I used to play this game to death and at the height of my playing I was almost pixel perfect with the catapult. It's a really good game so go out and get a copy! I got a complete boxed version off Ebay for a couple of quid.
MR.X wrote ...2004-06-27 22:56:52
BTW on the amiga you need to buy an catapult to attack an castle. does any1 know whats the use of knight?? they are as strong as a soldier. and how many do you guys buy of em compared to normal soldiers?? for each 10 soldiers i buy a knight, just in case it has some special use. the only thing i can come up with is thats imume to firebombs and disease when your castle is under attack.
MR.X wrote ...2004-06-27 22:50:13
2nd best game on the ST. i never won jousting but raiding went fine (not on the PC because it goes to fast on the PC (or it is just me and i've lost it)) the blue-grey castle is indeed the easiest but i also won with the other castles (and i only was 5/6 years old) too bad you cant play with the normans, at least they dont backstab each other :S 1 tip: if your enemy has build a big army, attack nearest castle to that army with 1 soldier. use the disease and firebombs to kill a lot soldiers.
Hibernatus wrote ...2003-07-06 03:21:41
The key to winning is beating the red commies first without letting them spread, after that it's pretty straight-forward. Make sure you got some army in your main castle at all times. It's funny, but if you know what you're doing, you can complete the game in less than an hour... Oy ya, to win the joust, you have to click on mouse as soon as u hear the metal clashing sound, but make sure your lance is pointing to the middle of shield.
Hanno wrote ...2003-05-25 15:59:49
Don't we all search games... ? http://www.atari.org/links/ST/Games/
Hanno wrote ...2003-05-25 15:58:22
1982 :()
Hanno wrote ...2003-05-25 15:57:55
Defender of the Crown was best playable on the C64. I think it was released 1992 but why not check the Cinemaware.com :)
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-04-03 02:16:36
Defender of the Crown can be found on Automation compact disk 82.
Tom Hill wrote ...2003-02-07 13:52:45
I am from Czech republic and this game is my first on atari st. I love this game. I search games on atari st emulator. I dont find it.
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-14 11:52:18
Superb fun and quite sexy when you rescued a princess. Also, this was one of the few games that was better on the ST than the Amiga. I played it on my friend's Amiga and loved it, and then got it for my ST and found that the ST had loads of random events and things that were missing from the Amiga version. They made the game even better.
GauntletBoy wrote ...2002-12-11 14:18:55
great game, with amazing graphics and music !!! But i never saved the princess : when you fight with the ridiculous guys in the caste (look the legs animation of the guys.... it's funny), you can kill the first one but the second one is too hard .... specially when you have half of life .... But this one made jalous all of my friends ...
Martyn Homatopoulos wrote ...2002-11-25 20:34:45
this bugger does not work on my WinSTon Emulator every time i click the mouse the cursor jumps up
Meow Money wrote ...2002-07-26 06:19:42
I always was envious about my friends who played this game. It was one of the few games I even bought but until today I never could play it. It didn't run on my STE. And on PacifiST the mouse doesn't work in the right way, so you never can raid a castle really because without mouse you can't handle the catapult... what a shame.
Sarcophage wrote ...2002-07-07 19:03:35
I spent nights dreaming at this game after I first saw it on a friend Atari ST. With dungeon master, the game that made me buy a ST
[Cecil] wrote ...2002-02-10 13:37:33
Loved this game.. great music while raiding enemy castles :
^^Snoop^^ wrote ...2002-02-08 06:13:36
A true classic of gaming history! The jousting was impossible, but raiding the castles made up for it :)
Feige wrote ...2002-01-22 07:21:59
Very nice game but impossible to win. Just when you have a good army it will destroy itself (and the enemy) in a big combat and then, just 2 or 3 rounds later the computer has a big army again while you are struggling for yours provinces with just a hand full of soldiers...and I never got that princess-rescuing...?!
Martyn G Homatopoulos wrote ...2001-12-26 21:04:25
This was my first game i played on my Atari ST (Mainly because it was with the ST along with 20 others and it was the first one i chose) Jousting was very fun but i could never defeat all of the opponants on it and once i got used to the catapult i could not be defeated.
oldmantell wrote ...2001-12-24 08:36:23
Redshift wrote ...2001-12-11 10:32:55
My first ST game! I was wildly impressed with the graphics compared to 8-bit platforms. It's great fun if you can get the hang of using the catapult properly.
David Newman wrote ...2001-11-23 05:41:35
I still play this now - it's like a mini-Risk. It's a great balance of strategy and action. Although I'm thoroughly useless at jousting (how on earth are you supposed to win?!). It's almost impossible to win the game if you don't start off in Clywd.
Rich Heidtman wrote ...2001-11-02 08:56:19
This game is a lot of fun. I remember my favorite part was saving princesses and jousting. My dad enjoyed the conquering more than i did. I alway found it hard to get the hang of the catapult. What a great game. I hear there coming out with a remake for the PC... www.gamespot.com