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Deep Space
Publisher: Psygnosis     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1986

Box scan missing - can you help? Deep Space Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Tweeze wrote ...2010-04-21 15:14:48
I used to play this game for hours without really managing to come close to the goal, I'm sure. I had a great time just flying the ship, battling and scooping up the enemies and their debris, trying to keep the ship from falling apart, etc. There were some graphic issues that needed a different algorithm but I could play around them without a problem. I think the most amazing thing for me was flying as close to a star as I could while I was in an intense battle aand trying to slingshot back out of the star's sphere of influence. The next thing I know is I have no workable transmission as in the ability to gauge my speed. I could either stop or go to high speed - nothing in between. I don't know if this was intentional or not but it was certainly appropriate for what I tried. No ship would have survived a tactic like that intact. Trying to get my ship fixed was tough as well since I couldn't slow to get repairs. A wonderful game even if you don't try to win. I don't remember if it had a save function though.
Lester powell wrote ...2004-11-23 12:57:10
WOW! I have been searching high and low for this game and now have the rom and now wondering how to some emulation going. This was the first game i purchased for the Commodore Amiga and it is brilliant exspecially for the time and would give most games today a run for their money. the game was simply too advance for the processors that were around those times. It is a very large space sim, you can fly anywhere. Every bit of the screen it interactive, every icon and all the read outs are giving you information about your surroundings and ships in the area. The Amiga version was very buggy but i suspect that it was a virus that eventually rendered the game unplayerable, i was so gutted! The cockpit is excellent as mentioned and had hidden modules like different types of scanners that at the press of a button scrolled up from the main panel beautifuly giving you a spacial view of space around your ship all in 3D. As i said it was advanced and utililize believable science fictional ideas that developers are not doing in todays games. There were other scanners apart from the one mentioned that were long range and (if i remember correctly) were adjustable so if an enemy ship disappeared out of visual range into the blackness of space then actitivate your long range scanner maneuver you ship and ajust your scanner range and if the ship have totally gone out of range, then he will reappear on your long range scanner. You long range scanner took the form of a mesh like grid superimposed over your screen and the enemy ship appeared on that grid as the outline of the ship that grew more or less visuable depending on how far out of visual range it is. Count down timer would countdown rapidly when a ship is entering you area. I cant remember what all the icons are on panel and may have being slightly different foe the Amiga but the all work. I have a you can the fire unguided rockets at your target (or guided i think but i think you had to switch to unguided- not sure) and wait a few moments for the explosion. It was amazing to watch you missile disppear into the darkness. Ofcouse if you enemy ship change course you have to do it all agian and that happened alot once they got out of visual range as it was always hard to find them again and keep the long enough on your scanner to score a hit. There is so much to say about this game and it was so brilliant I'm so sad that developers had let simply disappear without a remake, believe me its a classic! When you activate you scanner the Amiga would slow down dramatically be this game is cpu intensive and i tried to keep scanner retracted and usage to a minimum. Mission: Your mission was to travel into deepspace hunting out hoards on aliens on their way to Earth and to destroy their base that is deep, deep in deepspace. You came up against things layed in space to slow you down like mines; you had to be very careful of your speed and watch your scanner for them. If i remember currectly you could lay mines too. Once you find the enemy base you would try to destroy it with Quack Bombs but the game was so buggy that bombs would just past straight through it. But the rest of the game is great; when you destroy anemy ship, you would use your fuel or cargo scoop to collect the frog like aliens left around after their ship is destroyed and before space destroys them. You would then get credits for each alien which you would use to buy more ammo and weapons. I cant remember if you have to send the aliens back to base but when ever you wanted more supplies you had to order it from a list. The items would then be sent by hyperspace to you location and could take a while to get there. When it gets there you had to (alot of the times) search for it. Sometimes the capsule would zoom past your ship and you had to chase it some distants to collect it. Sometime you just cannot find it and have to abandon it, Brilliant! A read-out on one of your instrument would give you rougly the co-ordinates that it has arrieved at. Sometime you would spot it droping out of warp or more accurately arrieving in the your area. It was amazing programming and i thouroughly enjoyed the game bieng a science fiction fan. This game would teach a thing or about coding and game play to alot od developers about thease days.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-04-03 02:11:07
Deep Space can be found on Zuul compact disk 45.