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Colonial Conquest
Publisher: SSI     Developer: Andromeda
Year of release: 1987

Box scan missing - can you help? Colonial Conquest Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet
Programmer : Dan Cermak    

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

andyuk wrote ...2006-12-18 17:55:34
loved the sounds of the battles when i played this game. It rocked! nuf said (lol looking at the release date i was 1 year old when this game came out
Colonial Conquistador wrote ...2003-05-18 09:16:07
Best game, all categories.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-11 16:27:20
Colonial Conquest can be found on Automation compact disk 206.
Aander wrote ...2002-10-30 17:26:17
I just loved this game. I looked today and got an ST Emulator and managed to also get v1.01 of this classic. Just spent 4 hours playing it and its as good as I remember. This was and still is my fav computer game ever. My friends are going to freak when they are round and they hear that old tune as I load up the game.
Joel Chappel wrote ...2002-07-29 05:23:35
Countless nights on this game, with friends. It's incredible : every computer nation acts exactly as the real nation actually did in the 19th century. England will occupy islands, and then be able to land troops everywhere, USA will occupy the whole north & central americas, but won't care much for the rest of the world, Russia will try to occupy Indies (don't let them do that, or they'll turn themselves into a superpower). France & Germany will compete in Europe, and in the rest of the world. Japan will be an outsider, able to land strong armies everywhere in a most surprising way. But what a pity : former colonial powers like Nederlands, Spain, Portugal, and local powers like Austria-Hungary, China, Turkey are nothing but colonies.
Laurent Docquir wrote ...2002-07-14 04:27:17
This is my favourite game on the ST. I can remember all the nights I played this game with my friends. Russia is my preffered nation: soldiers are so cheap that you can invade other countries with millions of army men ;-) It is very addictive. I have never found a game like this on any other platform.
Ef Ge wrote ...2002-04-14 23:39:58
My favourite game of all time. I have the ST ver 1.1 if anyone wants it email me.
Feige wrote ...2002-02-18 15:31:44
The 1000-point mark is really hard; once you had 1000 points, ALL other nations declare war on you! So, best strategy is to eleminate one nation first (France, England or Germany depending on who you are) and then get just below 1000 points and wait (and save armies!) until some computer-nations have huge looses due to war against each other - then attack and defeat one nation as fast as possible). It's easiest to win this game with Russia because the armies are extremely cheap (and Germany and France won't stand your attacks very long) and when you are controlling Asia, Africa and Europe, building masses of (expensive) ships won't be a big problem...Great game!
ptiluc wrote ...2002-01-24 20:20:23
if you loved it, check out: http://www.cdmag.com/strategy_vault/imperialism_preview/article.html
Terry Smith wrote ...2001-12-08 16:42:42
I spent hours on this game and have never found anything on a PC that I prefer! Where can I get it so that I can play it with an emulator?
elephant7 wrote ...2001-11-28 20:42:00
I've lost many nights on this game, but I've never owned it myself. Does anyone know where I can find a copy?
drevet wrote ...2001-11-20 12:25:40
how many nights and day have i lost on this exciting game !!!
palfray wrote ...2001-11-17 13:22:44
I've passed one entire year trying to win with england at 1000 points. Finally, I did it and I want to do it again :)
joshua wrote ...2001-11-05 16:58:20
Developer: Dan Cermak
Mark Chesser wrote ...2001-11-05 16:51:02
Man, I used to spend hours playing on colonial. In fact i F***ed up school because of this game. Oh, so many hours enjoyed reducing Germany to rubble.