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Chaos Strikes Back
Publisher: Mirrorsoft     Developer: FTL
Year of release: 1989

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Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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The One
# 17 - Feb 90
Associated web sites:
Chaos Strikes Back for Windows     [ Hits: 1108 ]

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

nealus wrote ...2006-12-31 17:32:49
Much more difficult than the original due to the layout, but equally involving! Play DM to the finish, then give this a go..
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 15:08:59
This game was a lot better with your previous characters, especially if you trained their cleric and ninja levels for hours. Is this the one where you lure a bunch of Chaos Knights out and then drop them three floors by opening a pit? I loved doing that (and finding all their cursed armour on the bottom floor heheh).
Neal Holton wrote ...2004-04-18 17:49:08
haha ZZip!! Glad to hear i wasnt the only one who had R2D2 as one of my party!! And a poorly drawn 3PO!!
ZZip wrote ...2004-02-12 17:29:05
I loved the feature that let you draw your own portraits for your characters. I had a party with Ronald McDonald and R2D2 as a joke.
Antarro wrote ...2003-10-10 09:12:23
Fabulous sequel - although it was more or less a continuation with some changes. I agree with Steve Hall in that the Dragons Den was a great place for a skirmish. I loved going head to head with the Chaos Knights though.
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-11 17:12:47
Brilliant game. I loved that bit fighting in the dragons den!! Hate "KU" - those damn Chaos Knights!!! I think Chaos had more replay value than DM, but DM first time around was better..... http://dmweb.free.fr/ is a really good site with info on all the dm games (there were more than just DM and CSB!!!!)
zurman wrote ...2003-04-09 07:43:33
great game, almost as good as its prequel Dungeon Master. Be sure to chech out ths site, its provides much information about the whole series http://dmweb.free.fr/
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 17:58:38
Chaos Strikes Back can be found on Automation compact disk 192.
David Stuart wrote ...2002-08-15 22:31:35
This game was a fitting sequel to Dungeon Master .. although I have to admit, I never did finish it as the levels to the dungeon were much more deviously designed than the original (very fun and interesting to play, though, just like the original).
Controversy wrote ...2002-04-25 09:26:03
Not as good as the first, but is that because I couldn't complete it?!?! Always throwing me around into weird places!?!?! Even with the help book.
Stevebee wrote ...2002-04-17 08:46:45
I was not fond of this one. I agree with Chris on this though -what was cool was the way you could edit the champions. I gave one some (badly pixelated) dredlocks and turned one into a hand, flipping the bird....much fun!!!
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-02-13 18:49:15
A tough game unless you saved your Dungeon Master champions as the characters stats are quite poor. Worth downloading as you can change your chamions costumes. Making Leyla topless gave me hours of teenage fun all those moons ago!!!!!!
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-07 05:42:50
This is the follow-up to Dungeon Master and is more of the same, with graphics and sound the same. However, the game is much harder, right from the very start. If you liked Dungeon Master (who didn't?) you will like this too, but be prepared for a tough challenge! I never have managed to complete this game, I always seemed to go round in circles and always ended up at a level called Diabolical Demon Director. Anyone else have the same problem?