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Captain Blood
Publisher: Infogrames     Developer: Exxos
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Captain Blood Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Sci-fi / Strategy

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ST Action
# 2 - Jun 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Kris H. wrote ...2007-04-29 01:29:04
I got pretty far in this game, and I seem to recall replicants of some kind on my ship. But the real value in this game was just listening to the alien dialogue - getting an Izwal to laugh repeatedly about sexual subjects was classic. Even the most thug-like aliens always usually cracked up when you asked them about sex - FEMALE (LAUGH) ME LIKE (LAUGH) SEX REPRODUCTION (LAUGH) (LAUGH) (LAUGH). Great stuff.
Grunaki wrote ...2004-06-27 11:29:53
This is a great game, and I played it for hours on my ST (I can't seem to find an English image of it anywhere though - I can understand French, but it's just not the same... :( ).. Like most of you, I couldn't find the clones, just weird buggy things that wanted to be president of Rosko.. :s I did manage to finish 'Commander Blood' on the PC, but that was much easier and much more linear (but still really weird).. Worth a shot if you liked this one though.... :)
Tristure wrote ...2003-03-25 16:19:14
When my parents bought my ST I had a pack with several games in it : Defender Of the Crown, Psygnosis' Barbarian, some other quite crappy games ... and Captain Blood. This game was quite fascinating : the graphics were very beautiful, the sampled sounds as well, and the concept was very original. So fascinating indeed that it could make you forget all the irritating stuff (particularly the hand/mouse pointer moving randomly and faster and faster as time passes... Steven Blackburn, I DID THROW my mouse across the room out of frustration after destroying a planet I wanted to visit, and thus screwing my chances to finish the game!!)(And though, I had an original version!)). When I think of it now, I think it lacks coherence : the exploration part is beautiful but has no real interest, the dialog system is inventive but you always got disappointing reactions when you tried a good sentence... The "travel" and "destroy planet" sequences are quite beautiful, but hardly evoke a planet exploding or a space travel... It rather looks like graphic routines made for a demo and used again in the game. The adventure itself is quite hard and challenging... And, thanks to some weird alchemy... the game worked, despite this lack of coherence. It actually worked so good that it now has became a cult game I think. And it really deserved it. Well, it has been said before, I you've never tried it before, try it now.
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-15 06:30:22
The French are mad. But this was a innovative and absorbing game that today's developers could learn lessons from. One of the lessons being "Don't take acid while designing a game". I found the game's language a bit frustrating because you would construct a wonderful sentence only to get no response because you didn't include the key word that the alien was programmed to respond to. It was hard as well, and you could spend hours just visiting empty planets - but I did enjoy it, honest!
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 12:16:07
Captain Blood can be found on Automation compact disk 77 and Zuul compact disk 40.
Steven Blackburn wrote ...2002-12-26 20:00:26
I never found a single clone. I remember wanting to throw my mouse across the room a lot though, as it got harder to control the longer you went without getting a clone.
Karadoc wrote ...2002-12-23 06:09:19
I use to really like this game. I even managed to disintergrate a few of the clones. But then I worked out that the game's language was just really stupid... it didn't matter what you said, it just looked for key words! That kindof put me off, but it's still a fun game.
GauntletBoy wrote ...2002-12-11 14:11:04
I never knew what whas the goal of this game !!! I spent many day trying to understand, but never found !!! Anyway, the music and graphics were so cool !! :) Happy to see that i wasn't the one who didn't understand ;)
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-10 21:20:54
I have a few memories of Captain Blood. Back in 1989, my brother used to have the original French version of this game. I never knew what to do on this game until I found a website that is dedicated to this game. What I found out about this game is that you are Captain Blood and you search a lot of places in the galaxy to find clones of yourself. One time, I flew to the end on one of the planets and there was a creature there to talk to. I've never seen that part. For those that have never played this game, they've missed out.
Scoops wrote ...2002-06-21 18:39:53
I went out and actually bought this one! I remember perservering away for quite some time and not actually getting too far. I tried following some tips which helped but still didn't finish it! The language idea was great as was the 'trench' landing sections which you could pause and they would fill in. I was disappointed with the music, expected a new composition or ingame music but it turned out to be a few seconds of sample remixed. Worth a look!
BadMrFrosty wrote ...2002-06-10 15:36:10
Bless those French for their originality. Mad as hatters of course, but this game was a classic across many formats. Apparently there was a naked chik lying across your console when you beat the game.... Shame I never managed to really!
Stevebee wrote ...2002-04-17 08:38:03
Am i the only one who could not do this game.....it looked cool but i had no bloody idea what i was supposed to do!
Mark Ashford wrote ...2002-03-26 05:58:42
Hey Ragstaff, it sounds like you had a (bad) cracked copy, as the game had some built-in protection which made the hand go all 'wobbly' if you played a hacked version. This also happened if you played the game for too long without absorbing any of the clones, kind of a time limit I guess as you can't really die. I can't think what else could be the problem, this never happened with my original copy.
Ragstaff wrote ...2002-02-11 05:36:47
I loved the music at the start, and REALLY spent ages trying to play this game - I could see the potential - but it always had trouble using the mouse on my STs and mouses! It went in circles and you couldn't click on any of the proper speech symbols. I used persevere and get teh right symbols, but got sick of it....
Feige wrote ...2002-01-22 07:27:11
OK, for all who ask about the music: Of course it's JEAN MICHEL JARRE's ZOOLOOK Album. What you can hear in the game appears late in the first track. About the game: Damn!! I got Clone number 2 and clone number 5!! How the hell do you get number 1??? Anyway, I spent hours flying around and destroying planet, hahaha!!!
DooMed Space Marine wrote ...2002-01-21 17:04:00
I never really got anywhere, but the game rocked. Blowing up the planets was just too much fun, I usually overdid it :P
guy ross wrote ...2002-01-06 13:30:43
exxos were an odd lot.. they did purple saturn day too, didn't they (and sacrificed a computer (Amstrad cpc464... apparently.. ;p) to the god exxos - Bonkers!).. But i love playing this game. good sound, good graphics, bizarre alien talky-thing and a bonkers concept!.. only finished it by cheating.. bit rude at the end, I thought. All hail those crazy french!
R.Grawe wrote ...2001-12-30 10:25:17
Great Game! Does anybody know the name of the song?
Andreas Franzen wrote ...2001-12-14 01:33:59
I've never seen anything like this game, neither before or after its release. Brilliant graphics, you could almost think that it was designed by H R Giger. I was really impressed that it featured music by Jean-Michel Jarre, a remixed "Ethnicolor". Too bad I never got the hang of the alien language though...
Alex Cockle wrote ...2001-12-02 18:25:24
The music (only on the ST version that I know of), is absolutly BRILLIANT!!
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-06 06:22:12
This is a truly bizarre yet brilliant game, one of my ST favourites. I always had problems getting it to work on my STe though ... You play as Captain Blood and have to search the galaxy for clones of yourself, which you can find with help from friendly (and not so friendly) aliens. The communication with the aliens is where the fun comes from, as the universe has it's own langage which the aliens speak. If you've never played this game you've really missed out on a unique experience!