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Publisher: Image Works     Developer: Bitmap Brothers
Year of release: 1990

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Cadaver Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Puzzle
Artist : Dan Malone    

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The One
# 25 - Oct 90
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ST Format
# 15 - Oct 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 11:42:50
This and Solstice (for the NES) where my favorite Puzzle games growing up. I just love isometric games.
Roberteo wrote ...2003-06-30 05:39:48
I loved this game but the last disk got corrupted just after I bought my first Pc (sorry peeps!). Never did get a replacement for it.
Nil wrote ...2003-04-26 18:30:26
The best game ever done for my opinion.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 11:44:36
Cadaver can be found on Pulsion compact disk 60, Fuzion compact disks 83 and 51, Medway Boys compact disks 88A and 88B and Automation compact disks 415A and 415B.
kametyken wrote ...2002-09-26 18:55:42
... check www.gods-country.de for all your Cadaver needs (now available in English too). See you soon :)
Karadoc wrote ...2002-09-06 18:24:33
I first started playing this game when I was about 9 and even then I'd stay up very late at night playing it. This game is why I spend so much time on the computer today. The Bitmap Brothers are AMAZING. I'd finished the original, the payoff, and all the demo disks I could find. Resist walk throughs, it's worth it.
Darkbee wrote ...2002-05-18 09:19:38
I only ever played a demo but I have to admit that it had me enthralled. From what I gather this game seemed to pass people by and was not as highly regardly as other Bitmap Bros games. Don't know why because from what I could tell it was a superb game and they clearly put alot of thought into it. Usual trademark Bit Brothers style graphics (i.e. excellent) and overall seemed highly enjoyable.
Davee Wibble wrote ...2002-04-28 14:22:20
THE best ST game I ever bought. Great graphics for the time. Superb simple control interface. Fiendishly mind-bending puzzles. Nothing in Tomb Raider or Half-Life even comes close to this difficulty. Put aside a month of your life and play it NOW
MrWrobel wrote ...2002-03-04 10:22:17
The Pacifist - you got a point!! Gfx and Sfx in all BB products was cooool! But for me the best BB game on ST is Xenon II! :)
The Pacifist wrote ...2001-12-19 17:45:47
Why were the Bitmap Brothers so good? Everything they made was polished until it shone...Magic Pockets, Xenon, Gods, Speedball 2.....Excellent graphics and a BIG game. Takes hours to complete, but you will thoroughly enjoy every minute of it!
kametyken wrote ...2001-12-11 17:46:15
I loved this like this game much, so a build a little webshrine for Cadaver. Check www.gods-country.de for infos and walkthru (only in german until now) but a walkthru text file in english is availabe for d/l. @Laura: Cadaver was available for IBM PC a long time ago (check ebay), you can even play the st version on your pc just use an emulator.
Robert Redfern wrote ...2001-11-26 18:00:51
This game is on the automation disk Aut 415A, + 415B now dose any one have a walk through?
Laura wrote ...2001-11-21 10:43:11
I played the game when I was 12 and was terrified when the "you're dead" music played...Wish I could play it again now on my PC!!! Oh, please, make it happen :)
Benjamin Dine wrote ...2001-11-21 05:56:50
This is a great game and very HARD to complete