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Professional Football Masters V3
Publisher: ESP Software     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1993

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-20 11:29:13
YES! Please someone, if you have the rom, let us know!! I remember selling Julian Joachim to Inter Milan, they offered £3000000 and I said no, they came back and offered £14000000!! It was crazy! I loved this game! I played it by post too! I remember having to send a few quid off with each turn or something... and they sent you league tables back with your results for that week?! Looking back, why did I waste my money? Anyhoo, I had a mate called Steven McGargle, who was a trainee with Middlesborough and nearly fell off my chair when I saw his name in their squad! He never even played for the first team!
Adriano wrote ...2006-03-06 17:03:00
True a classic Football management game. Can't find anywhere on here.
Luke George wrote ...2002-08-03 07:50:46
I was brought up on the ST and thats where my love affair with computer games started and this game was the one game that really opened my eyes to world of computer gaming. Many times my homework would go undone because i was spending all my spare time trying to get Carlisle into the Premiership or trying to avoid relegation with Bury. It was playing this game as a 12 year old kid that i first witnessed what it was like to see the sun rise at 4 in the morning because this game was so addictive that i couldn't stop playing it. The game itself contained a magnitude of errors but it was these errors that made the game interesting. It was one of the first realistic footy management sims that really did capture the beautiful game err... beautifully. Sure there was no fancy graphics but because of this there where more space for a massive and real life player and team database. Overall this game cannot be faulted and if only i could find a copy of it so i could recreate those all night gaming sessions with my friends battling it out for the last playoff position. The only problem i ever found of this game was the dodgy save option which sometimes crashed the game but this just meant playing it longer so you didn't have to save it, anyway i found it part of the fun. Id give this game 10 out of 10 and its better and more absorbing than any other footy title ive got on my PS2. I'd love a copy or an ROM of it so if anyone has a copy could you email it to me at lukegeorge00@hotmail.com.