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Bubble Bobble
Publisher: Taito Corp     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1987

Box scan missing - can you help? Bubble Bobble Click here to listen to the music from Bubble Bobble on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

There is a sequel to this game called Rainbow Islands

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

turrican wrote ...2006-07-03 19:14:25
1up or 2up. single or together, it does'nt matter when your bubblin and a bobblin through this, the greatest single multiplayer single screen platform game ever.Play any version of the game it does'nt matter, but inparticular play it on mame for the perfect arcade version.
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-16 08:13:34
This has to be the most addictive 2 player game ever! Great gameplay & music even if it was the same tune throughout. I have to agree that the Pompey Pirates disk with Rainbow Islands on was fab too!
bazfan wrote ...2004-01-17 05:52:44
have you guys played the updated pc versions doing the rounds on the net. there crap.dont bother. same sprites and platforms but they had fancy backdrops and select a tune, the original tune is'nt in them. whoever wrote these piss takes of a classic game, i'll blow ur kneecaps off. dont fix whats not broken.
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-11 17:26:40
Two player RULED!!!! Fiendishly addictive.....
Buchaka wrote ...2003-05-17 15:05:49
There was a great menu with this one and rainbow islands... it was one of the most played disks on my ST... (I used to hat arcade games converted to DT, they were usually horrible, but this was great)
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 09:39:15
this was maybe a bit too addictive for me, to the point where my eyes seemed to be burning!
chels wrote ...2003-04-11 11:21:23
This game has to be one the best and most addictive i have ever played. this game is why bunking off school was invented.
st-reviewer wrote ...2003-04-06 11:29:10
A classic on any system, even the spectrum as well. Not quite arcade perfect, but still the same great playability, the music on the amiga version was far better....
Hammy wrote ...2003-03-13 16:29:17
The most ultimate and best irritating game of all time! ever had the want to throw the joystick at the wall with this one?? ha ha its still quality and that music ... sooooo adictive... muwahahahaha.
Level 42 wrote ...2003-02-05 09:18:15
Brilliant. Has everything a game needs: GREAT gameplay. Progressively challenging levels. I still love it !
bazfan wrote ...2003-02-02 17:16:11
To further champion a top gane like this, i now play this on my sharp gx10 java equiped mobile phone, and its brilliant. Cost a fiver to download though, but to play this game anywhere, (toilet,maybe) is mighty fine :). RESPECT.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 02:44:32
Bubble Bobble can be found on Fuzion compact disk 5, Pompey Pirates compact disk 26, Automation compact disk 34, D-Bug compact disk 95B and Zuul compact disk 41.
Bub wrote ...2002-11-15 05:16:19
One othe first games I got addicted to on ST I use to play 2-player with my brother for hours each saturday. Great gameplay espically in two player mode and only a few bugs (you could trap water on level 99 and ?93?) which could get annoying after you had spent a couple of hours getting there.
Smeg For Brains wrote ...2002-09-23 15:35:48
Only really worth it in two-player, but my! What a two-player! Remains one of my fave games of all time. Probably the only game I have ever sat through and completed twice in one session... Hours of fun!!!
bazfan wrote ...2002-08-14 16:41:25
They still have this arcade classic at cleethorpes,though the monitors a bit screwed now.Brilliant two player game and pretty good single player too.I like the tune to this game, though i prefer the amiga rendition a lot better.
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-02-13 18:54:49
The first game I ever played on my ST and also the first game I played 2-Player on it. Absolutely typical of Japenese level design (ie perfect) and still a wondrous game to play today.
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-19 17:54:02
oooh how i remember how me and my uncle would play this game in to the early hours, humming to the ingame music, only pausing for a tea break when the game bombed out, oh yes this is one of the true classix, a must have for your st collection.......
sauls wrote ...2001-12-11 06:57:25
anybody told what "god" concept was? if someone knows, then surely knows that He created us for bubble bobble playing....
trine wrote ...2001-11-19 14:00:13
I remember playing this game every day after school on my friend's c64.We used to play 2 player-but only one of the joysticks coult manage to jump up on it's own bubbles, so we usually didn't look forward to the world "Jump".. The c64 was put away-then I last year met a guy who loves computers. He showed me this site, I was in heaven..no game can ever mean more to me;) I get a really nostalgic feeling-and all the memories are great;)
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:10:12
Arcade classic converted to the ST. The music gets annoying after 5 minutes of play. But this game is very cool for 2 players together! If yo udon't knwo it yet, give it a try. The game is pretty good!