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Publisher: UBI Soft     Developer: Blue Byte
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Fantasy / Platform

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ST Format
# 7 - Feb 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

SaTcom2 wrote ...2004-08-23 10:27:14
This game has that Mario quality control and gameplay that is oh so rare to find on an ST platformer. The jumping control is especially nice. Plenty of hard to find rooms, and passages, and crumbling platforms leading to treasure etc. The main character looks like a tard but that's cool. 69% is a bunch of BS I give it at least 90%. This is one of my favorite platformers on the ST. (and I am not even French, by the way)
IsKor wrote ...2003-04-26 06:20:07
Like Tristure said, obviously only french iked this game, I'm french too!!....But it ROCKS!!! Awesome graphics, cute music..this game is magic. A perfect game for me. But one point: WHERE CAN I GET THIS DAMN TUNES??? I searched through the net without any result. I only found the Amiga tunes, but I WANT the ST ones. I'm in love with the tunes, so please, if anyone knows where to find my beloved tunes, please post the link here ;) *french* Les gars, essayez de poster en anglais, c'est un site international ;)
Tristure wrote ...2003-03-01 10:46:59
Well it seems only french people liked this game (i'm french as well but i'll try to post this comment in english so as to convince everyone to try this game). Twinworld really is a great game ; honestly I still can't understand why everyone remembers Enchanted Lands (which is a great game as well but that is not my point) while forgetting Twinworld. Twinworld graphics are far more beautiful. Well, ok, there is no real scrolling and the animation is not that smooth. But this platform game is rich (it was one of the first games on the Atari where you could replay a thousand times and still find new secrets), addictive, various (ahh the underwater levels...)... Note that it's also quite hard. And the opening music was amazing.
skrik wrote ...2002-06-10 16:48:37
69% seulement! C'est un excellent jeu de plate-forme auquel j ai joué toute mon enfance...Long,original,le perso vieilli,envoutant: génial...95%pour moi.
Sneike wrote ...2002-04-09 09:09:13
Bien qu'il n'ai ete noté que de 69 % visiblement, pour moi c un des meilleurs jeux de plate formes qui ai jamais ete fait sur le ST (et sur les autres machines d'ailleurs!!)...ambiance geniale, le fait de pouvoir tirer des bulles differentes et tout...J'ADORE !!!! :-)