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Publisher: Gremlin Graphics     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1993

Box scan missing - can you help? Zool Click here to listen to the music from Zool on-line
Genres : Action / Platform

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ST Format
# 51 - Oct 93

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

grams88 wrote ...2009-11-25 14:38:55
Differently riding the Sonic wave as guy ross said
guy ross wrote ...2007-02-05 17:10:49
Though it pains me to say, I actually agree with bazfan ;) .. Not that danny has been careless, but simply that zool isn't really that good a game. It was riding the 'sonic' wave back then and was fast, but wasn't actually fun to play - I included the Amiga, megadrive verseion in this, as well as the ST. Zool 2, in my opinion was a far more enjoyable game. A true sequel, almost like james pond 2 (in the sequel sense). Nice music selection idea (although the 'rave' version was somewhat lost in the chip conversion) and it was fast, but enchanted lands was smoother - even on an STf. Now, let's all go for a group hug :)
bazfan wrote ...2007-01-22 11:44:45
very carless of you danny, very careless
Danny fell wrote ...2007-01-21 19:38:21
Bazfan:do you want a fight?I live in Castleton in the Hope Valley,Derbyshie,S33 8wj.You know where i am otherwise i can come to you.
bazfan wrote ...2006-10-26 16:57:19
@danny fell. Zool hmmmmm sonic bandwagon, poor game, crap music. Thats another case won for BAZFAN.
Danny fell wrote ...2006-10-25 17:15:24
Great game which is the only platformer,in my opinion,which can show that the STE can scroll as smoothly as any other computer of that era.It is a sluggish game on an STFM and a much better way to spend time on an STE.
Violent_Cat wrote ...2004-07-25 22:10:33
Nevel liked that one Sonic from sega rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
retrokid wrote ...2004-07-21 16:57:59
much hyped platformer which was suposed to only be released for computers and not consoles, looks like gremlin saw sence and made it all formats........as for the game, as sonic beater, nah...
SaTcom2 wrote ...2004-04-13 03:21:57
Oh yeah, I just remembered (a year later) there's even an R-Type style shooting game as a "secret" sub game, if you can find it! It is actually a masterpiece in itself, I was shocked the first time I saw it, a lot of work went into it!
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 09:45:43
This game was such a cool game, i never got to play zool 2 tho
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-04-15 03:04:18
This game was awesome, and plays nothing like Sonic in my opinion. (other than it's a platformer with a funky creature main character) I always hated Sonic because everything happened 10 times too fast to comprehend. In contrast, Zool plays more like a Mario game, giving you time to think and react a bit. I think the main character is cooler looking than Sonic. And don't forget the Jaguar sequel Zool 2! When is Zool 3 coming out is what I want to know! I can tell that bazfan can hardly wait. ;)
Nick Price wrote ...2002-12-30 01:13:30
I liked this game quite a bit. Although I agree with baz that it was trying to jump on the Sonic clone bandwagon.
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-11-19 12:02:50
A nice and fast jump'n'run but not a real showstopper IMHO. This game has STE enhancements.
Ragstaff wrote ...2002-09-06 10:02:28
I liked it...
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-27 14:54:10
people,people,people. zool is not a good game,it was fast colorful over hyped and a poor platformer trying to sponge of the back of segas sonic the hedgehog, and yes i played it and thought it was cool.God i was stupid in those days...
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-06 09:00:11
Great platformer! Sonic for the ST! Recommended!