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Publisher: Millennium     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Yolanda Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Fantasy / Platform

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# 23 - Aug 90
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# 14 - Sep 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Karen wrote ...2006-05-01 00:52:31
PS That's one scary looking Spider on the title screen! And what's with Yolanda? She really needs to lay off the steroids....or maybe she was originally a man!
Karen wrote ...2006-05-01 00:51:11
I only had the demo version off ST Format, but it was sooo hard. In the game, Yolanda was the daughter of Hercules, and I recall that there were 12 levels based on each of the 12 difficult labours he performed in ancient Greek mythology (cleaning the Augean stables, capturing the golden stag etc). Well, doing those things in 1990 would probably have been easier than completing this game - where a single pixel was the difference between life and death!!
SaTcom2 wrote ...2004-04-16 02:56:38
The full name of this game is Yolanda, the ultimate challenge, which is quite an apt description. I am shocked, I bought this a full 10 years ago, played it real quick, and thought it was a buggy piece of junk that was impossible, and that I had burned $10 that I paid for it. Recently I booted it up just for old times sake, and to marvel at how bad I remembered it being followed by tossing it in the garbage, but somehow figured out what was going on this time and enjoyed it very much. This is played like Dragons Lair. You have to do certain things at certain places, or you die. But it looks deceptively like a platform game. If you try to play it like a platform game you will die in 2 seconds every time. In the Dragons Lair mindset it all starts to make sense. I now have respect for this game and quite enjoy the challenge. The deaths are pretty funny too, very sudden with a cool screech and burning sound effect. You usually burst into flames when you die. I actually got thorugh 4 or 5 levels instead of just dying in 2 seconds like before. ;) Now this is a favorite of mine that I will keep proudly in my collection! Highly recommended to all.
guy ross wrote ...2002-01-24 18:48:24
one of the hardest games I've played (mind you, I am sh*t at games). I didn't even get this hacked as I never finished all the levels of the demo that st format gave out...it was ridiculously hard! after half an hour of playing I was glad when the bitch burt into flames because of one platform I stood on was bad... yes, I'm fine now, thanks.
The Caffeine Kid / Neon Lights wrote ...2001-11-20 16:37:20
my god this game is so hard and unforgiving, move a pixel wrong and you are dead, dont move quick enough or stay still and you are dead, do almost anything and you are dead. but I loved it anyway :)