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Publisher: Core Design     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1992

Box scan missing - can you help? Wolfchild Click here to listen to the music from Wolfchild on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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ST Format
# 35 - Jun 92

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-24 03:58:58
I can see the Altered Beast comparison, I also see a Shadow of the Beast reflection. However the demo i played of this was so ahead of anything else of this style on the ST. The graphics were great the SFX cool, the gameplay addictive. A great game, would like the full version from somewhere?
retrokid wrote ...2004-07-21 17:07:19
i was stood in the computer store for about 45mins humming and whistling as to wether i should by this for the amiga at the time i had just upgraded to that mega computer.
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-10-23 09:57:38
Can you say Altered Beast? Can you say Lionheart on the Amiga? This game reminds me of a combination of the two, but has it's own style as well. That isn't a bad thing at all, this game looks nice, has very well animated end bosses, and great...well, I mean horrific sound. But still it is so good in every way other than sound that I would give it at least 75% instead of the much too low 61% ST Format gave it.
Sokaret wrote ...2003-03-26 14:42:14
Great game ! I love wolfchild in every systems.
Nathan Newell wrote ...2002-09-26 18:50:17
One of my most favorite games.
Linsey wrote ...2002-08-06 13:40:20
Wolfchild is brill i would play it fir hours before they got me off
Glenn wrote ...2002-08-06 09:12:01
Well 'ard game, but I usually had a bash after visiting my local. The missus was better at it than me :(
K.T wrote ...2002-02-14 07:15:40
The game was so so, but this game had one of the best intros I've seen for the ST.
ManTra wrote ...2001-12-17 06:07:16
The best thing about this game was.. euhhmm.. not much actually, never really liekd it.. scrolling was bad.. gfx was okay and music was a tooo cheap conversion of the amiga original