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Treasure Island Dizzy
Publisher: Code Masters     Developer: The Oliver Twins
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Treasure Island Dizzy Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Puzzle

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ST Format
# 17 - Dec 90
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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-02 01:41:41
Borrovan.....yep the Codies were famous for endorsing their own games and saying how brilliant they were lol....sometimes they were sneaky about it too and made it look like the quote had come from a computer mag review.....cheeky little blighters....but they came out with some decent stuff tho, not quite as brilliant as they always said, but they were the masters of the budget gaming fraternity and the dizzy games were genius.
rweed wrote ...2004-08-09 22:44:16
To sam pointer; i can fly and eggsonlegs does work on the st/ste Who has finished this game?Found the last coin but had a power failure!!
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 14:29:24
My favorite Dizzy, and I think the hardest (one life? what?). I got everything eventually, though it wasn't easy. I remember accidently scrolling through my items underwater and letting go of the oxygen tank...
zx_b wrote ...2004-04-14 18:49:53
I like all dizzy games... 1 of my fave atari st games!
Dan K wrote ...2003-11-20 16:30:25
Loved this game, could never get anywhere though. And that trap cage was a pain in the arse :P
Selurtsirata wrote ...2003-09-23 19:31:22
This game is really awsome, i cant find my original though which is a shame. For some reason when you click the mouse the game ended, i had hours of fun pissing off my brother with this feature. I dont think he every completed it.
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 10:25:34
Lol this was an odd game, not to keen on it, alright tho!
Borrovan wrote ...2003-04-16 16:58:56
ICANFLY and EGGSONLEGS were the cheats. The blurb that the Codies wrote on the box was hilarious: "Treasure Island Dizzy is BRILLIANT! Just like a REAL CARTOON, but with AMAZING GAMEPLAY!" It wasn't quite as BRILLIANT and AMAZING as all that, but I did spend three years looking for that last coin. Why did they only give you one life?
Robbie Balfour wrote ...2003-03-14 08:05:05
This game, as with all the Dizzys, brings back some great memories. Its just a shame there hasn't been more of them. Although maybe this is because they cant make new games that live up to this standard.
Sam Pointer wrote ...2003-02-07 10:36:40
Does the ILIKETOFLY cheat work in the ST Version?
Jonathan Thomas wrote ...2002-05-02 19:35:08
It's amazing how much nostalgia images like the above can provoke in somebody - the above is no exception. Really enjoyed playing and completing this game - still comes highly recommended.
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 01:18:19
I also adored this game and spent HOURS completing it with that one precious life.
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-20 17:40:13
you know it has the mintest soundtrack ever, should be remixed,i think
Benjamin Dine wrote ...2001-11-12 06:52:20
LOVED THIS games and the series shame codemaster don't release anymore dizzy games :-(