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Blood Money
Publisher: Psygnosis     Developer: DMA Design
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Blood Money Click here to listen to the music from Blood Money on-line
Genres : Sci-fi / Shoot-em-up
Programmer : Wayne Smithson     Artist : Tony Smith    

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ST/Amiga Format
# 11 - May 89
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# 2 - Sep 89
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# 9 - Jun 89

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Howard John Dell wrote ...2011-08-25 09:57:32
Don't recall this game in any way shape or form!
grams88 wrote ...2009-06-08 12:09:51
This game blood money takes me back some time to when I was only about 5. Me and my brother used to play the two player and spent about half an hour if we were quite lucky in getting far. Another thing I liked about blood money as the name says itself you can buy weapons and lives also other cool stuff. I was one always going for lives when possible. When I played this game again on the Atari st I was happy to see it again because it also brought back memories. One last thing even though it was the same music playing through the game it was still a really good game.
Pascy wrote ...2007-06-19 06:50:45
Blood Money has always stayed in my memory as the first game I loaded up on my spanking new STE - I must have had the same STE bundle as Matt :) I nearly fell off my chair when the sampled voice began in the intro (almost sounds like James Earl Jones..?). Upgrading from my old Speccy, I'd never seen or heard anything like it. I'm not sure why Blood Money gets such a bad press, I can only think that's because it's so unforgiving. There are enemies and bullets flying everywhere, your ship takes very little damage before dying - and worst of all, the power ups you buy disappear when you lose a life. It's colourful and engaging though with catchy music, and despite the insane difficulty I really like this game. Note: With the miracle of modern emulation I've compared the Amiga version of this and granted it does look better - but that doesn't mean it doesn't remain a great ST title.
Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-04 12:19:07
I got this with my STE and it was easily the pick of the bundled games. A great little shooter with neat scrolling graphics, a hypnotic sound track and loads of powerups. Yeah, it's weaker than the Amiga version, but not by that much; they made an excellent job of the conversion and, to be honest, I'd sooner play this version as it's the game exactly how I remember it.
turrican wrote ...2006-07-03 19:10:33
Anybody who can say blood money is crap as never played it end off. Its a brill single and two player game.Musics nice on atari with a soft not to heavy on the ears soundtrack playing through out.Smooth scrolling graphics and well drawn sprites.Rock hard though, i never even completed the first level on any version. Nothing to do with the st version, but the c64 version of bloodmoney is also wicked.
bazfan wrote ...2006-06-16 20:11:53
i once had a dream about floating jelly fish in the air around where i lived. weird.
flimbo wrote ...2006-03-16 16:16:49
schmups are ten a penny on every format known to man, so when one gets produced its gotta be something special. Blood money is something special. from its ingame music to the well detailed and animated sprites this is pure schmup heaven. The gameplays scrolling is quite slow and so are most of the sprites in there attacks,but this makes for a more strategic schmup. Collecting the money from fallen foes allows you to buy upgrades from the shops, which if you live long enough you can get some quite decent bolt ons.But you die all to easily , touch the scrolling scenery and your sheild depletes quicker than a speeding hedgehog.
ichichich75 wrote ...2005-12-12 05:57:48
@st-reviewer: No way, the ST Version does not at all look shameful compared to the Amiga version. Except for the intro, but the game itself looks almost the same. I don't remember noticable differences in the graphics. The scrolling is smooth, and so are the animations. For an Atari ST, the sound is good too. They did quite a good job converting this game for the ST.
st-reviewer wrote ...2003-04-06 11:27:29
A great shootemup for the little st this, nice graphics and sound untill....... you see the amiga version in action, then it looks quite shameful....
Paul Footman wrote ...2002-11-17 14:00:35
Blood Money is ONE of the best ST shooters, the wierd graphics and addictive game play make it a must, but the best thing about this game is the music it's just so nice. The Amiga version has more colour and a jazzy intro, the music is totally different it's very good but not so nice as the ST version. Also the Amiga version is a bit harder with the incorporation of electric towers that make your ship's controls change the opposite way, very annoying. But still a must.
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-16 04:10:39
Blood Money can be found on Automation compact disk 117 and Superior compact disk 65.
Naykon wrote ...2002-09-14 13:26:44
this was a cool game
bazfan wrote ...2002-07-19 16:47:40
Yes Blood money is brilliant, and an all time greatest shootem'up.Played it to death on my Atari ste. I wonder how much better the Amiga version was???
paddyb wrote ...2002-07-03 11:48:01
Good graphics and good tune, quite hard to progress if you didn't get enough credits to power up one of the ships. Graphics and music give this game a weird spooky atmosphere. I rember getting one level of this game free with a magazine called game, on its first issue it give a joint ST and Amiga disk and it only cost £1, I think you only got one free disk after that.
Francois_Pelletier wrote ...2002-04-02 00:18:54
really nice animation, attention to detail
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-03-30 02:44:22
I first saw Blood Money back when I was six. The game only had half of the submarine level. I always beat the level. When I found this same game for emulation, I never even saw the cool intro with the voice that said, "First, there was Menace. Now, Psygnosis presents a DMA Design game, Blood Money". I found out that the game my brother had back in 1989 was a demo and it didn't have that intro with the voice. Now since I found the full version of Blood Money, I saw it had three other levels besides the submarine level which I've always seen. I played it and I beat the helicopter, submarine, and space man level but I failed on the rock level. I'm still getting better and better at it. For those of you who want to last longer on the rock level, try saving up lots of money you earn to buy lots of extra lives. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to finish the rock level and see what happens after that. Blood Money is one of the best shoot-em-up games Psygnosis made.
Feige wrote ...2002-02-13 10:50:35
Nice shooter but I always preferred games like Wings of Death and Xenon2. Shooting fish with a submarine definately -is- a strange thing...
bazfan wrote ...2002-02-04 16:54:40
first there was menace.now psygnosis present a dma design game,belood money.....but wheres the sampled soundtrack of the amiga version, damn that st yamaha soundchip. still it was a brill game and the first levels music was quite nice,oh yes.
bazfan wrote ...2002-02-04 16:54:20
first there was menace.now psygnosis present a dma design game,belood money.....but wheres the sampled soundtrack of the amiga version, damn that st yamaha soundchip. still it was a brill game and the first levels music was quite nice,oh yes.
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-01-15 09:18:54
This game is very good - and it has a two player mode which adds much fun to it. Colorful and slick graphics!
Vim wrote ...2001-12-23 21:01:24
Ahhh, superb game! Just as good as the Amiga version. It was the first shooter I'd seen that involved collecting cash when you'd shot enemies. But as far as an ST-related memory goes, certainly one my mate Rich would use in an attempt to silence Amiga-owners at college back in 89.
Trevor Ford wrote ...2001-12-18 17:16:19
completed every level but the last, but what a good blast!
Dave Parson wrote ...2001-12-08 20:34:59
Loved this game and was lucky enough to complete it. I'm amazed I remember this but right before the last monster on level 4, the "rock" level, the passage is so contricted that you absolutely had to lose health bars. I only remember facing the final monster once or twice with any assortment of weapons. I also remember a magazine review that stated this game had two difficulty levels: patient and impatient. I'm pretty sure that setting was only for the game's menu operations so I had to laugh.
Ian Perrett wrote ...2001-12-03 07:39:49
I could complete 3 level, the submarine, space man and helicopter, but failed miserably at the rock level.
Tim Furze wrote ...2001-11-06 16:55:06
classic arcade shooter, nuff said