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The Pawn
Publisher: Rainbird     Developer: Magnetic Scrolls
Year of release: 1986

Click here to see the box of this game on-line The Pawn Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Mike McCormack wrote ...2009-09-01 21:38:29
This was the first game I bought for my Atari 520 St back in 1986. I just wanted to comment on how I used to dream (since the 70's) about playing a game that was intelligent enough to understand written text! I remember reading about it in the early 80's...an all text PC game about magic & wizards...I could never remember the name. I bought my 520ST for about 1000.00 in 86 - cost me a couple of paychecks. When I started playing "The Pawn" - I could not stop playing it until at-least 3 AM every night! It was an amazing piece of software designed for Europeans obviously...most of the words (and you had to type them exactly) were spelled differently then the American version - Color = Colour...this took me months to figure out! I just hooked this system back up after 23 years and it works like a champ! I am very excited to have found this wonderful website and to see that I can download the games that I have forgotten about long ago! I am looking forward to reading all of your comments etc... MM
Universe Bandit wrote ...2007-03-08 17:18:45
I loved this game. I am an avid adventure gamer, and this one was just like Zork for DOS, This game was good at the time when Windows was still wearing diapers.
ZZip wrote ...2004-02-12 16:05:57
The graphics in this game were revolutionary for a home system at the time. Like many others, this is one of the reasons my Atari 800XL felt inadequate, and I wanted an ST!
James Fredericks wrote ...2003-06-27 03:31:06
I never played this game for more than about 2 hours, but remember the graphics were so cool. I remember drooling over the ads for it in an Atari magazine like Antic or something. I had an Atari 800XL at the time and it was one of several that made me want to get an Atari ST. Weird that I never got into playing it too deep when I could... Oh well, it was pretty neat how the graphics helped the text adventure story along.
Kellys Hero wrote ...2003-03-07 16:13:58
Had this game for my green-only screen Amstrad PCW (had a whole 256k memory - whoo hoo!) but could never find a copy for the 520ST I later got. Never quite managed to finish this one but must have come close to it - always wondered how the story ended and it's about time I found out...
Ross Harris wrote ...2002-07-16 22:01:35
Was working freelance down in Brighton doing art for a Spectrum/Amstrad/C64 text and graphic adventure (Rigel's Revenge). Saw The Pawn, and Guild of Thieves and had to get myself both and an ST to play them on...
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-02-13 19:04:13
I remeber this being loaded onto an ST in my local computer shop and the whole place STOPPING beause of the graphics. I remember it more for being a bloody great adventure game. (the graphics still impress me for such a limited colour scheme though)
Mikko Keinänen wrote ...2001-11-11 18:12:05
This was my first Atari ST game. I was very much into text adventure gaming (and I still am), and this one really blowed my mind! Great parser and storyline like in those great Infocom adventures plus magnificient graphics! I remember looking at those great preview pictures at C+VG. Maybe that's why I bought my 520 ST??? Also this was perhaps my first adventure game that I really managed to solve. This is quite a classic adventure with modern touch and great humour. I really don't remember the plot but I have great memories adventuring in the Land of Kerovnia (did I remember that right?). This is a must for every adventure game fans. From the great Magnetic Scrolls the Guild of Thieves was next.