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The Adventures of Robin Hood
Publisher: Millennium     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1991

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Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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ST Format
# 29 - Dec 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-07-04 11:56:56
Last update, I promise... when friar tuck comes out of the castle, he has with him a bag of money - a donation to his monastary (spelling?) from the sheriff... steal it from him, he'll run away then you'll find him sitting down looking all depressed - talk to him, he'll tell you how he is sick of the godly life and give you a habit. When you put this on, you are hidden from the guards as they think you're a monk. You can also get into the castle when the drawer bridge is up with the habit on... also, robin makes lots of lame 'habit' jokes when you take it off and put it on! ok, my obsession with this game is now complete
Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-29 09:09:38
I have played this for about 5 hours and here is how to complete the thing... Go to the bloke top left of the map, he gives you a crystal ball Talk to the dragon in summer - he'll ask you to remove a thorn from his paw and in return, he'll give you the power to breathe fire on people Talk to maid Marian 3 times and she gives you a ring to help you find out how much money people have got (Before you try robbing them) Save Will scarlett from the gallows and he gives you the horn (oo-er) Talk to the swan in the castle grounds then shoot it with your arrow - you'll get a feather - it allows you to scroll around the map to see whats going on elsewhere without moving Talk to Friar Tuck - no idea at what point coz haven't been able to do it yet - he gives you a habit so you can disguise yourself and get in the castle without being caught
Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-21 06:05:00
Great game. You could save will scarlett from the gallows by shooting the guard in the back. That was the most difficult part of the game because the guards would chase you. You could give money to the poor after pinching it off the sheriff, a dragon would munch on the villagers and if you got caught by the 'fuzz' then little john and will would rush to your rescue if you blew your horn (oo-er). Sometimes they would get killed in the melee and there would be a funeral at the local church. I remember friar tuck getting really depressed and wouldn't talk to you... I can't remember how but you could get him to lend you his habit so you could disguise yourself, get in the castle and kill all the guards to win... You had to chat maid marian up too. Best adventure on the ST by a mile... just took ages to get from one end of the map to the other! (And the hacked version had pixel issues when it went from summer to autumn).
Crowley wrote ...2005-11-23 19:11:27
Heh. I remember finishing this game in a way. I killed the sheriff, but I hadn't done enough good for the common folk so they lynched Robin.
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 11:32:38
Very complex game. The first thing you should make sure to do is recruit Little John (by meeting him in battle on the log bridge, just like in the movies) and chatting up Maid Marion. I don't think I ever finished it though.
BlueMak wrote ...2004-05-23 17:40:09
It is a good almost freeform game where you are Robin and you have some missions and you also have to decide how you are going to act, steal etc. I remember I was good at it as a teenager but a couple of years ago that I tried it, I SUCKED. Good game.
Shubh wrote ...2002-07-16 08:11:34
does anyone know what disk this is on? I can't get into the ftp
^^Snoop^^ wrote ...2001-12-26 13:40:59
I remember playing this game for AGES!! It was a lot of fun shooting at the guards and getting a chase off them hehe