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Sundog - Frozen Legacy
Publisher: FTL     Developer: FTL
Year of release: 1985

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Sundog - Frozen Legacy Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Management / Sci-fi / Strategy

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ST Action
# 3 - Jul 88
Associated web sites:
The Sundog Information Site     [ Hits: 1683 ]
Games of Fame website     [ Hits: 869 ]

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Zukan wrote ...2006-10-15 13:24:00
I never got around to the main objective of this game (trading) but I played it to death because it was so life-like at the time. Paying parking tickets, ordering drinks at the bar, watching out for thugs, buying parts for the ship and having a whole wide universe to explore. A simply amazing game.
Aaron Nelson wrote ...2006-04-16 01:18:27
I _loved_ this game on my 1040 ST... I'd play it all the time during the summer...
freter wrote ...2004-07-25 02:11:37
very good games
RetroGamerUK wrote ...2004-05-22 06:53:37
I enjoy this one so much I still play it on Steem, I have done a nice chart to compare prices across the planets, my highest ever profit in one run was when I sold goods for 80,000 credits after paying just 12,000 !, what a game!, my all time favourite RPG / Trading game on ALL systems.
Luna Manar wrote ...2003-03-06 07:18:26
This was my favorite ST game of all time. I Still play it, and protect my copy of it with a vengeance...the sheer freedom this game gives you has never been seen since. Definately an unsung pharoh of its time.
Jaker wrote ...2002-11-21 13:32:56
****HOT FLASH!**** Bruce Webster (orig Sundog author) is heading a project to develop a new open-source version of Sundog for the 21st Century! To learn more or contribute, go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/sundog Thanks!
Xaxes Star wrote ...2002-09-21 10:22:09
What you say is SO true: Sundog was years ahead of its time...it's a concept that not even the Star Trek games have matched. Going multiplayer, 3D and being able to heavily modify your ship or buy a new ship would be AWESOME! Have you checked into the Sundog Resurrection project? http://sourceforge.net/projects/sundog
Nemesis wrote ...2001-12-10 19:53:52
Never again have I seen a space sim with this level of freedom for the player. You can travel between planets (obviously), hop from city to city on the same planet (with the right equipment), travel the planet's surface with your cargo mobile (be sure to bring enough provisions), walk or drive through the cities, enter bars, restaurants, shops, even hotels. The thing I loved most about it though was the fact that you were able to move around within your own spaceship! More than once it happened to me that I was in a heavy spacefight, the opponent blasted some critical system of mine, I jumped up from my pilot seat in the middle of the fight, ran to the storage compartment, grabbed some spare electronic parts, rushed to the engine compartments, replaced the blasted parts, headed back to the pilot seat and continued the fight (provided I hadn't been blown to dust by then :)). Definitely a game concept that should be redone in a modern game. Just imagine being able to buy different ships though which you can actually roam in 3D and fix engines, store stuff, head to the bunk and take a nap etc... then landing at a spaceport, exiting your ship and being able to walk or drive around the port and the city, enter different buildings... *sigh*
Jeeves314 wrote ...2001-11-08 18:09:38
No game to date compares with this level of playability. I wish that someone would remake it for the PC.
Andreas Wahlin wrote ...2001-11-04 08:05:11
This game is great, you have a ship, a small wallet (to begin with) and lotsa places to visit. Make the world your trade ground, whilst also fulfilling a plot (so it doesen't become to Elite style repetitive)
Timothy Brooks wrote ...2001-11-02 23:51:42
Sundog: Frozen Legacy is the best game written for the Atari ST. Years ahead of its time.