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Publisher: US Gold     Developer: Tiertex
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Strider Click here to listen to the music from Strider on-line
Genres : Coin-op Conversion / Platform / Shoot-em-up
Programmer : John Prince     Artist : Andrew Ingram    

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The One
# 12 - Sep 89
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# 3 - Oct 89

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-20 12:50:27
Something that made me chuckle was when the game loaded up a voice said "You dare fight me?" and my mate replied "Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have bought the game!"
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-24 03:56:19
Original & brilliant platformer with great gameplay, graphics & sound... need I say more?
Grunaki wrote ...2005-12-15 14:56:00
A few negative comments here, but I really liked this one back in the day. I only played the arcade game a couple of times back then, (really loved it though), but the ST conversion was pretty close. I have a hard time playing it these days - same as any ST arcade conversion since MAME emerged - but still a classic.
bradaviel wrote ...2004-10-10 02:50:49
i really LOVED this game ! i gotta admit today the arcade version as notiong to do with this, and i meself and fun trying to change the old atari graphics into more arcade like visuals. This game made me buy my japanese genesis to and is the reason i bought myself a real arcade cabinet. everlasting respect to tiertex for making me love this game in the first place !
Peter de Man wrote ...2002-04-25 07:01:53
The graphics are impressive, but the scrolling and controlling the character is ... well not the best i've seen. but if it is one of a few games you own, you keep on playing... but if you got a choice...go for something else or get an arcade emulator and play the arcade version... in my memory it runs way better.
Tomasz wrote ...2002-02-16 20:16:05
Oh, I can't follow the optimistic jugement of the ST- Format. Strider was great in the Arcades, but the ST version was very porly converted. I just remember these ugly scrolling - someone could get sick while playing it to long. There are far better action- platformer on the ST. (Like Turrican2)
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 01:00:03
Man this was a fantastic platformer. Completed this one.