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Publisher: Mirrorsoft     Developer: Bitmap Brothers
Year of release: 1988

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Speedball Click here to listen to the music from Speedball on-line
Genres : Action / Sci-fi / Sports
Artist : Mark Coleman     Musician : David Whittaker    

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Nov 88
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The One
# 2 - Nov 88
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ST Action
# 7 - Nov 88
There is a sequel to this game called Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt_B wrote ...2009-09-22 12:03:44
Another fabulous game from the Bitmap Brothers, and this one was even better than Xenon. The sound effects and graphics were top notch but there was some truly brutal gameplay going on here. One of my favourite tactics was to take a long potshot at goal and then use one of my other players to foul the goalkeeper before he could deflect it. The sequel is also a good game, but I think this one had the real magic.
wIZBURF wrote ...2004-08-03 09:48:23
That was a game that made me invest lots of money into joysticks !!! This is also the reason why I have a big right forearm and a skinny left from sliding in all direction and punching hard and running through the pits for hours !!! It had it all, SB2 may have been more popular but it only added more options and ways to score... for the rest racing to collect coins kept me awake for long nights... The graphics are IMO sharper and better than in SB2, that seemed a bit "fade" to me...
kametyken wrote ...2003-06-29 05:56:20
If you like this game check www.gods-country.de for more infos about Speedball and all other Classics made by The Bitmap Brothers.
drool32 wrote ...2003-05-07 13:41:33
Great game and great graphics. Many clones, none captured the feel of this one... worth playing again.
The Estee wrote ...2002-11-12 09:42:40
This version of Speedball gives us a glimpse into the near future. Although not as strong as it's sequel, this game's high paced gameplay was just what the ST needed! Just as fun as 2, the graphics are just as good, though it's slightly harder than 2.
Peter de Man wrote ...2002-04-25 06:48:54
For me it was a real boost on what I thought was the max of the ST system. real good handball-pinball-fighting action! but then I got Speedball 2...Wow even better! larger playfield and more funny items. I stopped playing speedball 1 and Speedball 2 still belongs to my standart multiplayer game pack. And I have to thank speedball 1 for it. Because otherwise speedball 2 would not excist in the first place. (others think speedball 1 is better, try it yourself).
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-04-03 19:48:52
When I was six back in 1989, my brother used to play this game all the time. I still play this game and I think it's the best sports game ever made.
Camel wrote ...2002-03-31 20:00:27
Much, much better than the sequel. Pavo's hard but Persius is the hardest. The musics fantastic as well.
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-02-13 18:46:46
The best game ever by the Bitmap Bros (including all their latest) and some of the best music ever (by David Whittaker (nephew of Roger Whittaker(a musician from looooog ago)))
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 00:56:52
Great game, my brother used to beat me every time at it though.
Matt Taylor wrote ...2001-11-08 08:58:18
Better than the sequel this game is mint in 2 player mode and is a challenge and a half in 1. The first game to really show off what the bitmaps could do with the ST and paved the way for the aesthetics of later (maybe greater) machines like the Amiga. Check 'Gods', 'Magic Pockets' and of course 'Speedball 2' for more quality. 9/10
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:16:18
One of the ebst sports games on the ST. The sequel is even better.
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 17:25:31
It just has everything.
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 17:25:16
Fucking hell, best sport game ever made. I didnt dream it this good. As good as the first day i played it. Pavo is fucking hard, but im so good i can whoop his ass. 100% without a doubt.