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Honda RVF750
Publisher: Microstyle     Developer: Not Applicable
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Honda RVF750 Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Link-Up / Racing / Sports
Programmer : Ed Hickman     Artist : Ralph Hickman     Musician : Nick Moorbath    

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ST/Amiga Format
# 13 - Jul 89
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The One
# 9 - Jun 89

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

ichichich75 wrote ...2007-05-14 14:41:35
Fast and good. The serial link play often didn't work though hehe but oh well. It was much fun.
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-01 23:13:52
I think this is one of those occasions where the ST version beats the Amiga version. The Amiga version i found to be choppy graphics, sluggish and yet over sensitive at the same time....you really had to lean over in the corners but once you did, you had to compensate the other way really quickly or start playing waggle with the joystick...i just played the ST version again, and even tho sacrifices were made (such as the all green riders as Jonathan said) the gameplay is smoother and the controls arent as sensitive and its a lot easier to control.
Jonathan Thomas wrote ...2002-05-02 19:20:51
Played this first on the Amiga, then remember being disappointed upon finding out that the Amiga's multi-coloured opponents had all been replaced by hideous green opponents on the ST. Still remember the adrenaline rush of spotting an opponent on the horizon and trying to catch up. The screen shot above kinda reminds me of the "unique" graphical style of this game...
Rubén R. Nielpha wrote ...2001-12-11 07:01:51
damm! I'd spend many hours tryin to control this game. I rememder realy good animations in the crash secuence and when the pilot pull the cycle and jump again over the machine... wrooooammm!!
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-06 06:14:56
At the time this game seemed really good. It's a motorcycle racing game and has loads of national and international tracks. I actually played this one again a while ago, and it hasn't aged very well! Quite challenging, and it saved your best laps to the disk, so you always were trying to beat that best lap as well as the other riders. Maybe worth a look ...