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Publisher: Epyx     Developer: Not Applicable
Year of release: 1985

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Fantasy / Roleplaying
Programmer : Glenn R Wichman    

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Type X wrote ...2007-04-27 18:41:31
Next to Ultima V, one of the best games on the ST. Play Nethack on my PocketPC that's almost as good :)
RetroGamingGeek wrote ...2007-04-06 18:10:23
I remember playing Rouge on the ST before the disk became corrupt, and it was a excellent, fun D&D style game.
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-01-27 23:06:05
Rogue was quite a craze for a very short while, actually. I remember kids and older teens (including me) lined up in Federated Group (old electronics store) for *hours* back in '86 or '87 to sit and play this on the Amiga, where they had it running as a demo to sell computers. Words fall short of doing justice to this game. Timeless, and forget the retro thing, play it in the here and now, because it is fun right now! It is random and different every single time. NetHack fans: if you are thinking that NetHack has demoted this into obsolescence, think again. I have played and completed Ultimas (3 and 4, 6 over 50% when my save file corrupted), NetHack literally for years, and many other huge deep RPG games. But don't you ever want just a bite sized and less time consuming version of a hack and slash RPG sometimes? I know I do, and that's when Rogue, today in 2003, is still a very fun and valid way to kill an hour or two. The gameplay balance and challenge is unique, and it is a shame that this game is not known by the masses, or ported to game boy advance or something...but then again maybe it's better that way too. (and they do have a PC version by the way)
michael williams wrote ...2002-04-15 18:20:07
i haven't had as much fun with any game as i had with tjhis one excellent game ,they should make it for the pc
Glenn R. Wichman wrote ...2002-02-16 02:21:38
I haven't seen the ST version of this game in years. But I created it! It's still my favorite.
wayne wrote ...2001-11-13 04:46:47
Alex Cockle wrote ...2001-11-10 15:28:02
Excelent excelent game!