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Player Manager
Publisher: Anco     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Player Manager Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Football / Management

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# 19 - Apr 90
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# 11 - Jun 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-20 11:06:04
Sell all your crap players at the start, buy a striker who is like 33-35 and is worth 300k+ and he'll have like 50 caps or something. stick him up front, your spritely dude, who you start with will be faster than those 3rd division hingers, just nick the ball off the opposition and whack it up front to your star striker. 6-0 every game! I played this recently via emulator and got 58 goals in one season! A trifle easy to score! It's when you're 37 and your stamina is 34 that you have to drop back and just play sweeper (you could devise your own tactics) coz the opposition would take on your last defender and you'd be there to just nick the ball and... whack it up to your star striker (by this point he's 23 and has pace 200)
jester wrote ...2006-02-10 20:11:51
Without doubt one of my fave ST games. I really can not believe even to this day no one has managed to fuse playing and managing together in one package, a game truly ahead of its time. I would take an updated version of this bugs n all without a second thought. It may have had more bugs than you could shake a stick at (holding your breath after every game until you could save safely) and at times draive you mad (your new star playeris out for 10 weeks with a broken leg but the playability was endless a true lesson to todays makers - GAME PLAY ABOVE ALL Cheers Jester
LordOxy wrote ...2003-04-15 19:01:53
great game would still play now if i had it
Luke George wrote ...2002-09-19 12:48:13
I wasted my youth on this game (not to mention my pocket money on all the joysticks i broke playing it). The only problem was it got all too easy after you found a number of easy ways to score. Last time i played it i won the cup every season and ended up scoring an average of 6 goals per game. But apart from the flaws it was great. It was also fun saving your team and importing them on kick off 2 and battling with your mates player manager team. A classic!!! But just dont move the mouse after the match!
Kwong Wah wrote ...2002-05-03 16:39:59
Boy did I have fun with this game and did I spend a lot of hours at it. Never got beyond the 2nd division but got as far as I could, I played this to death and to the point I was literally running circles around the goalie to score, and running all the way back to the defence to snatch the ball from the opposition and run back towards their goal. I think I broke a few joysticks playing this too! 8)
Jason West wrote ...2002-01-22 04:59:59
this game is probaly the reason i have no education, hour after hour battling to top the league, win the cup bring the top man u player to my part time 3rd div side, for its time this game was the best out there. 10 out 10
Juan Kerr - International man of crap wrote ...2001-12-18 13:42:27
Cool ass game of my wasted childhood. Taking my fictional team Arsechester City, full of neanderthals from 3rd Division mediocrity to the 1st divsion title was something that came at a price. My life is wasted and empty without my old ST which has buggered-up-joystickport-itis. Poo ass. Kick Off with management on top. Nuff said
Iñaki López wrote ...2001-12-13 15:25:58
Es el mejor juego de manager que he disfrutado nunca
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-07 06:04:16
This game kept me playing for years! Put simply, it's the original Kick Off game but with a mangement game added on. And it's as good as it sounds! You play in position and have to rely on your teammates, which makes sure that you buy decent players. The only bad points are that my copy crashes a lot, and because it's based on Kick Off, not Kick Off 2, you can't do curling shots, so it's quite tricky to score. Never mind that, you have to have this game!