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Publisher: Elite     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1988

Box scan missing - can you help? Overlander Click here to listen to the music from Overlander on-line
Genres : Action / Racing / Shoot-em-up

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ST Action
# 6 - Oct 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Thomas Wellicome wrote ...2006-08-02 12:42:35
My favourite driving/blasting game on the ST. Ooozes class until the spelling mistake in the ending message, which does suck... BTW to get past the second level you need to get the leanburner conversion and drive much more slowly than on the first level, after that the rest of the game is a sinch..
Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-20 10:22:43
I got excited when I found the Emulator for the first time and this was one of the first games I got to re-play... I've still not found a copy that works! The Automation one crashes on the loading screen! It's probably one of those 'loved it at the time' scenarios when you go back you realise why you didn't hold on to your ST and the game forever...
Toro74 wrote ...2006-05-21 13:07:41
"Overlander" was one of my first Games for the Atari 1040 ST FM and it was the FIRST game i played to the "END" Szene. Mr. President i saved youre life many years ago!
Jarrath wrote ...2004-10-13 16:49:00
What a game, especially the music. I used to sit infront of this game and just fly through the star sequence and listen to that catchy music. Game play was decent enough too....
ToYotis wrote ...2003-11-22 15:16:16
You can download the game from Automation disk 7(ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/atari/games/Automation/A_007.ST). You can see Power Pack instructions from http://www.geocities.com/yotisrx7/PowerPack.html#Overlander.
Jurna wrote ...2003-04-14 10:30:28
graphics: 7, sounds: 7, playability: 7, idea: 5, nostalgy level: 8
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-14 12:04:40
I loved this game because it would work with my single-sided disc drive. I played it until I completed it and then never played it again. I too was annoyed at the crappy ending.
Jonathan Thomas wrote ...2002-04-25 12:13:30
[Spoiler coming up!] ... Having played through all six levels of this cracking game, my car drew to a standstill and I awaited the lengthy disk access that would load the well-deserved ending sequence. "You are now a True Overlander.".... oh dear.... Still, amazing graphics for the time, the soundtrack was well-done, and the overall presentation highly polished. One of the few games that persuaded me to get an ST back in 1988.
K.T wrote ...2002-02-14 12:01:14
I couldn't stop playing this game at one point. I got angry when my car blew up, I'd swear, I'd throw the joystick and start thumping the walls. It was pretty unhealthy but damn it was a good game.
guy ross wrote ...2001-12-19 16:15:06
what roadblasters shouldv'e been on the st (plus it had hills..... and was more fun to play)... Love it to bits. Still can't get past the second level.. D'oh!
Feige wrote ...2001-12-12 10:17:06
Hours and hours and hours of playing... Today I can't remember why, because the levels are all the same and You need some luck to pass all levels. But great gfx and musix. I like this game. Music: 80% Gfx: 75% Gameplay: 65% All in all: 75%