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Publisher: US Gold     Developer: Probe
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Outrun Click here to listen to the music from Outrun on-line
Genres : Coin-op Conversion / Racing

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ST Action
# 3 - Jul 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-05 06:16:02
This game came bundled with my STE, so I played it quite a bit. I thought it was OK at the time; obviously not arcade perfect but still a jump up from the racing games I'd previously played on the 8 bit micros. However, compared to the likes of Lotus 2 it's pretty poor and better programmers could probably have come a lot closer to the arcade machine.
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-10 09:04:46
Greta arcade action with pointless mouse action. One of the few ST games I actually completed!
Peter Hurst wrote ...2004-08-02 21:31:35
Ouch. I liked this at the time and couldn't understand why people slated it so much. I loaded it up on my ST the other day and it was a bad expierence :( I'll stick to the arcades for now.
ToYotis wrote ...2003-11-22 15:27:53
You can download the game from Automation disk 64(ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/atari/games/Automation/A_064.ST). You can see Power Pack instructions from http://www.geocities.com/yotisrx7/PowerPack.html#Outrun.
David Stuart wrote ...2003-06-11 22:31:35
One of the better car racers in the pre-vroom era. Lots of fun although I do seem to recall the car was a bit hard to control..
GenFu wrote ...2003-05-18 13:21:17
Pure 80s yuppy-ness, gotta love it!
Luna Manar wrote ...2003-03-07 04:04:51
Heheh...I must be the only person who liked the ST version...but I agree it does not compare to the arcade. The only reason I liked it was because I grew up on it, and I thought it was cool that you could bring the arcade game into your house, no matter how bad the ST version was.
GozZilla wrote ...2003-02-09 23:46:55
Outrun was a great arcade game (still play it using MAME) but the ST version just play sucked. It ran to slow, took half a year to load, and for some strange reason the car in the title screen looked nothing like the car from the game. If you plan to play this game get the arcade emulator and rom. It more fun!
bazfan wrote ...2002-10-13 17:05:30
i loved outrun in the arcades, but sadly the st version is ,well crap really.It takes an age to load,the st soundchip was never going to produce the arcade soundtrack and the graphics,well thats thw worst attempt at 3D i have ever seen.In two words...DONT BOTHER
Jonathan Thomas wrote ...2002-05-02 18:53:59
I naively expected that my new 16-bit powerhouse (the year was 1988 and I was 11 years old) would be able to produce an arcade-perfect conversion of this classic arcade title. A reasonable racing game in its own right - just don't expect any similarities to the arcade version beyond the red Ferrari - which was strangely reshaped between the title screen and the game itself!
Feige wrote ...2002-02-19 06:11:51
I dislike this game, too. But I did already dislike the arcade version.
abdul wrote ...2002-01-18 03:58:36
I remember I got this game as part of hte software bundle that came with my first ST, a 520 STFM. I was dissapointed too. THE ST is so great for sounds but the music with the ST version fo the game was far worse than at the arcade version or even the games console (a Sega system) that a college friend had. The graphics were worse too, a shame as the orginal game was great.
ManTra wrote ...2002-01-03 06:09:24
what a great dissapointment this game was for me... :( it was slow, the music was one of the crummiest conversions dave whittaker ever made, graphics we're tooo cheap. get a game in the lotus series instead if you want to drive..