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North and South
Publisher: Infogrames     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

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Genres : Action / Cartoon / Strategy / Wargame

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ST Format
# 7 - Feb 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Thorgal wrote ...2007-09-02 17:51:21
One of the most joyous game to play against a friend, though single games are fun too. I used to play this game on family birthdays with everyone and anyone who came round. It was always well appreciated and the simple in battle mechanics was what was and is most magic about this game. But it offers diversity to. I have not seen a lot of games that combine historical background, battle "tactics", arcade skills and above all else loads of fun. A classic!
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-02 02:04:37
great game....very humourous....i too cant believe it only got 58% but then I've seen a LOT of dodgy reviews in ST mags....all mags coming to think of it....its down to personal preference in the end and the guy who reviewed the game obviously wasnt a fan of the genre......no-one has mentioned the very humourous front end easter egg (secret).....if you put the pointer on the photographers bum, and press fire...you tickle him and he giggles his head off.....simple things amuse simple minds i spose but i used to find this HILARIOUS and prolly would still chuckle even today.
ukdesigner wrote ...2006-03-03 02:12:00
GRAPHICS - 10 GAMEPLAY - 10 Multiplayer - 10 Sound/music - 10 Humour - 10 Replayability - 10 = ASS KICKIN
Grunaki wrote ...2006-01-21 12:57:50
I loved this game! Loved it! I was playing 'Defender of the Crown' a lot at the time and bought it on the strength of the screenshots... ST Format's review scared me because I had already ordered it and they said it was crap, but I'm glad I did because it was SOOOOOOO Good.. (Until I had played it to death and was bored of it but my friends still all wanted to play it :-/ ) All in all a great game... :-)
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 14:40:32
Brilliant humor, especially when going through the forts or annoying the Injuns/Mexicans. I like how when you lost, the game hints that there may be a traitor in your ranks, at which point one of the supposedly dead soldiers gets up and laughs at you. No-one wanted to play me at it because of how good I was with the cannons.
Barkie wrote ...2003-07-22 18:34:41
That 58% rating just reminds me how much i hated ST Format they might have known their printers but they didn't know their games. This was one of the greatest 2 player games ever made simple and addictive it is up there with Disc and Metal Masters. Did anyone else on here have stand off's with their mates when the bridge was blown up, if you tried to get over the ford or the canyon ledge and your mate had cannons left you could get blown to bits. Used to be great to see who would crack first !.
simchevelu wrote ...2003-05-15 06:25:54
The game I prefer. I remember spending nights on it with my brother. It's funny, playable and a bit strategic. BTW, if i remember well it´s Schift to switch btw units
Andy D wrote ...2002-12-10 15:36:59
I played this with my brother over and over and over How anoying was it when you charged your cavallry over the bridge only to have his cannon kill all of them by hitting it dead centre and blowing it up. Brilliant, addictive. One of the best 2 player games everm along with metal masters (and M.U.L.E. on the atari 800xl ... what can i say ... thats the best game EVER! The world will miss u Dan Bunten!! He taught the world how to do multplayer games!! Apart from the fact Electronic Arts wouldnt even exist today if it wasnt fot the work he did with MULE and Seven Cities of Gold)
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-07-10 08:10:14
Funny and addictive - but only in two player mode. BTW does anyone know the controls? I cannot remember which keys to switch between units.
Franz Haid wrote ...2002-07-02 10:56:34
A Real Funny Game,Many Battles with old Friends:-) I will Never Forget this GREAT Time !!!
Brian Gallagher wrote ...2002-02-01 07:42:54
Great comic war game. Cartoon graphics and sound effects are among the best i have seen on the ST. I can't believe that ST Format only awarded this 58%. The game takes a while to get into but once you have mastered the control system its a classic.
cardboardcutout wrote ...2002-01-19 09:37:56
one of the best games ever made regardless of the flaws and is still beter than its recent remake Shogun.
Feige wrote ...2002-01-18 05:02:28
Yes, it's a very great game until You discover that there's a fatal bug: the southern army can load the guns while moving them, the norther can't...very stupid in a two-player game! And the computer...well, I need challenge, no victims!
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 22:50:55
No ones commented yet!!! This game was great! funny cartoon animations and amusing sounds. Nothing like beating the other army when youve nothing but one little gut left. Needs 2 players though really.