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Night Hunter
Publisher: UBI Soft     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Night Hunter Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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The One
# 5 - Feb 89

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Phill Smith wrote ...2007-06-17 08:52:59
Hi! My dad bought an Atari 1040STe in about 1992 I used it for my music and in my final years of school. I recently discovered it in his back shed and have it sitting in my home office now. I am curious how to get ST software off the web onto the ST getting passed formatting issues between PC and ST if someone could help i would be grateful
lee hartnup wrote ...2006-01-22 11:26:13
I just liked killing people and turning into a bat! heh he..where the hell an i download it? I Realllllly wanna play again!
Alan Carter wrote ...2006-01-09 20:33:49
I spent forever playing this as a kid. Very well-produced, with lots of cool little animations and background noises and things - it had really good atmosphere. Evil little game though - you really don't stand a chance! I once played for a whole afternoon - I sat in a dead and ate lots of people to build up a store of extra lives, then set forth to see how far I could get. Only made it to level 7, and that remains my record. It's basically a "persecution" game, like Berzerk or Frenzy (old arcade games). You end up feeling very sorry for poor Dracula as everyone is out to get him. The most annoying enemies by far are the birds of prey, which you can't avoid, and which pick you up and deposit you wherever they feel like it (usually in a lake). Only slightly less annoying are virgins, who ward you off with a cross and hence are difficult even to get close to, let alone kill. Very nutritious if you do catch them though. :) Oh and of course, Van Helsing, who pops up when you've nearly finished a level - he used to terrify me as a kid as he could kill Dracula so easily and that'd be the end of hours of progress... Very fun game, but ludicrously difficult, and very frustrating as so much depends on luck (or lack of it).
geoff ludlow wrote ...2004-11-30 16:55:26
does any body know the pass codes for the level select??????
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-11-10 20:21:34
Yesss, this is the game I always remembered when my friend had a pirated copy on his PC around 1990. The doc file was funny, the first line in the descrption just says "basically you're Dracula". Yeah, I suppose I am. Later I got the ST version and liked it even better. There was a time period where ST games always kicked ass over the PC counterparts, circa 89-92 or so. This was one example, also Monty Python, Snoopy, Night Shift, and Castle Master were others that I played first on the PC but found better versions on the ST (better digitized sound and more colors). For a platformer the action is sort of slow and tactical, like in Black Lamp, but in this case the game is about 10 times more fun in the gameplay dept. I think 82% is just about right for the rating.
James Fredericks wrote ...2003-06-27 03:24:03
I loved this game. It was hard like they said, but it was so fun because of the way you could shape shift. The graphics weren't amazing, but not too bad either. The animations were pretty funny and it was all kind of tongue-in-cheek. The vampire looked like a caricature of a Lon Chaney character or something. The werewolf was pretty useless as I remember, but I liked being the bat.
steve brown wrote ...2003-06-17 15:39:14
great game i remember when i was a kid i played it every day
Sokaret wrote ...2003-04-15 11:37:04
I first saw this game in Spectrum, I love it, the ST version has improved graphics but the same gamplay, great game.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-02-13 03:04:43
NightHunter can be found on Automation compact disk 140 and Lemmings compact disk 24.
Bloodstone2k wrote ...2003-01-26 17:07:43
A very fun game. I liked the way you could shape-shift into either a bat or a werewolf. I remember the sampled sound effects addings a lot of good ambience to the game as well. (the "Bones" thing was also very cool!)
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-04-04 19:10:09
I've always enjoyed playing "Night Hunter". When I first saw this game back in 1990, I laughed so much seeing the people turn into a pile of bones after I suck all the blood out of them. There's a way to get extra lives on this game. After you collect all the items (keys and scrolls), find the guy that throws wooden stakes. When he walks into a corner, keep hitting him. When you do it a lot of times, you'll get extra lives.
geoff ludlow wrote ...2002-02-27 08:17:42
very difficult gameplay. not enough lives at start. can only manage level 6 of30. access codes for level 6 is jpb.