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Publisher: Novagen     Developer: Novagen
Year of release: Unknown

Box scan missing - can you help? Mercenary Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : 3D / Sci-fi
Programmer : Paul Woakes    

There is a sequel to this game called Damocles - Mercenary 2

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Grunaki wrote ...2006-05-28 11:04:10
There's a wedge of cheese you can pick up in a room in the underground complex accessible from 09-05 and 09-06 (it's somewhere down there, don't ask me where exactly though). If you drop it outside you can board it, and it's incredibly fast - fast enough to get you to the space station in fact. :) Mercenary and the expansion disk are on Automation/Was (Not Was) & LSD disk 3
Karen wrote ...2006-05-01 01:27:37
"You have just destroyed....The Palyar Commander's Brother-in-law's new ship....Palyar attack imminent!" What a great game, although soo hard, I never completed it. Memories include: 1. Me wondering what the hell a Winchester was. 2. Me and my brother struggling to get to the Space Colony in the sky. We didn't realise you needed another ship and therefore pointed the dominion dart straight up and left the computer running. For about 6 hours. Even after all that time, we only got to about 20,000 feet. 3. The slightly annoying way you would try to manoever yourself though a door and end up repeatedly smacking your face against a wall instead. Or was that just me?! 4. There were two REALLY annoying doors that you just didn't want to go through. One landed you in prison, where you were forever trapped and watched by a spooky pair of eyes that would follow you as you moved round your cell. Another (which I think was in the space colony) would land you in a kind of deja-vu - you would repeatedly go through the same two empty rooms over and over no matter which door you went through. Hugely annoying. A great game all in all, and sooo addictive. It also had a lovely sense of humour - wasn't there an atari sign somewhere you could blow up?!
Grunaki wrote ...2005-12-15 15:41:32
This house belonged to...The Palyar Commander's Brother-in-Law...He is not too pleased...Palyar ship attacking. :-)
Jeremy Niebuhr wrote ...2002-04-11 02:23:11
I played this game for hundreds of hours in High School on my Atari 520ST. I loved it, even though I had no instruction manual and had NO idea what I was supposed to be doing. I flew around and shot down planes, ran around underground picking up items which I was clueless how to use... I still have my AtariST and I would play this game, if only someone could FIX it for me. I can't get it to boot up. Someone please help!!
Rubén R. Nielpha wrote ...2001-12-11 07:20:13
here!!, here is the little house, that's the game i toke in mind when id make the comment of Damocles... but, this is not a jeep sure ;-)