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Total Games: 2537

Total Games with known Publisher: 2498

Just another 39 to go!

Total Developers: 320

Total Publishers: 334

Games per year:

85:22 games
86:103 games
87:162 games
88:280 games
89:372 games
90:379 games
91:236 games
92:226 games
93:157 games
94:82 games
95:53 games
96:51 games
97:0 games
98:0 games
99:1 games

Games by letter of the alphabet:

a:127 games
b:173 games
c:181 games
d:138 games
e:67 games
f:114 games
g:94 games
h:97 games
i:65 games
j:37 games
k:49 games
l:70 games
m:155 games
n:48 games
o:47 games
p:155 games
q:14 games
r:105 games
s:337 games
t:271 games
u:22 games
v:30 games
w:88 games
x:11 games
y:8 games
z:19 games
0:0 games
1:3 games
2:2 games
3:6 games
4:1 games
5:2 games
6:0 games
7:0 games
8:1 games
9:0 games