PaCifiST PaCifiST - an Atari ST emulator for the PC.
© Copyright 1996-98 Frédéric Gidouin

Current Version: 0.49b   Last Page Update: 26th March 98

NOTE: Links not updated yet, most downloads will probably fail (Oct. 18th 2001)

Utilities for PaCifiST

    There are some great utilities available for PaCifiST. These consist mainly of new GUI's (or front-ends) to the emulator. You should definately try a few of these out to save you having to edit the .INI file each time you wish to make a change to the emulator. You should also especially try them out if you are running PaCifiST from within Windows 95 (and indeed many of you do!).

    ImgBuild - Makes .ST images from disks or create blank images
    MsatoST/STtoMSA - A disk images converter by Damien Burke
    AssiST - by Aengus Jankowsky. The original PaCifiST frontend, DOS/Win95
    PaCiLoad - Win95 frontend by Andrew Knipe
    Fuji Bar - Win95 frontend
    PaCifiGUI - Win95 frontend by Jonathan McHugh. With nice original features
    PaCiGO97 - Win95 frontend by Peter Fransson. Neat!
    MSA2ST (v1.11) - An alternative MSA to/from ST convertor by Laurent Fargues
    MakeDisk - A very good alternative to ImgBuild by Darren Birks.
    Paralink 2000 - A ST <> PC transfer program coded by P.Finch and T.Haines
    PaCifiST Dragon - Yes another cool Win95 frontend coded by Andreas Muegge.