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music by clicking a file below

FilenameFile Size (bytes)Player Required
JambalaLeveltune6.ym2342ST Sound Player
JambalaSpecial_nodigi.ym3015ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune7.ym1492ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune5.ym1979ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune4.ym1490ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune1.ym849ST Sound Player
Jambala-Magic-Staff.ym2926ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune3.ym1829ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune2.ym1579ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune8.ym1246ST Sound Player
JambalaIntro_digidrums.ym5193ST Sound Player
JambalaIntro_nodigi.ym4374ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune9.ym1153ST Sound Player
JambalaSpecial_digidrums.ym5193ST Sound Player
JambalaLeveltune10.ym1847ST Sound Player

How Do I Listen To This Music?

There are 3 different types of music available from LGD. The first are YM files which you listen to with
Leonard's ST Sound Player. The second are MOD files which you can listen to with any decent mod player
such as MOD Plug. The third are SC68 files which require the SC68 plugin for Winamp (or xmms)

3 recommended players Where To Download The Players

Which Is The Best?

You'll often see duplicate music files but if you can get them, the SC68 files offer the best clarity and replay quality of ST music around.

Streaming Audio?

There are some Internet radio stations that feature Atari ST game music (as well as other great tracks) which you can listen to with any mp3 player supporting Internet streams (i.e. Winamp, iTunes, Media Player, etc). The best radio stations are: Nectarine and Kohina.