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Listing 51 games
Titles in bold are exact matches

Game Title Publisher Developer Released Shot Box
AeriusPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Alien Thing: Expert EditionTop Byte Software999 Software1996NoNo
AnnexPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
AscotPD / SharewareUnknown1996We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Astro 2000PD / SharewareCybernation Software1996We have a screenshot for this gameNo
B SquadPD / SharewareRichard Hansell1996NoNo
Bang and Blast ManPD / SharewareMegaGold1996NoNo
Biohazard 2Village SoftwareNot Applicable1996We have a screenshot for this gameNo
BludgushPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Brilliant Boffin BrothersMicroMagicUnknown1996NoNo
Castle of MysteryCBSUnknown1996NoNo
CraghavenPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Darkside of the GalaxyPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
DeadlandPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Dicey?PD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
EgoPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
EmperorPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
ESLA ManagerSolution SoftwareUnknown1996NoNo
European Champions16-32Unknown1996NoNo
Flipping the LidPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
GemTrekPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
GenocidePD / SharewareParadise Software1996NoNo
Granny's GardenPD / SharewareSilly Software1996NoNo
Killing TimeMagazine Cover DiskUnknown1996NoNo
Kryptonite DataTop Byte SoftwareU31996NoNo
LazerPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Magic StonesPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Michigan MikePD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
MIDI - WizPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Murder on the Dairy ExpressPD / SharewareSilly Software1996NoNo
NishiramPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
OutriderVillage SoftwareNot Applicable1996NoNo
Pac AttackPD / SharewareCybernation Software1996We have a screenshot for this gameNo
Plasma BallPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Rollercoaster ExperiencePD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Sea WarPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Secret WeaponPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Shape UpPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Sheer Agony16-32Logitron1996NoWe have a box scan for this game
Shrinking Wall SolitairePD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Silly ReelsPD / SharewareSilly Software1996NoNo
Space MonstersPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Starhawk 2PD / SharewareSerious Software1996NoNo
Stario's ChristmasTop Byte SoftwareNot Applicable1996NoNo
Team: New Season EditionImpact SoftwareUnknown1996NoNo
The Power and the GloryPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Treble Champions 2Challenge SoftwareUnknown1996NoNo
TrickyPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Vidigrid 2PD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
World League SoccerPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo
Ynis Witrin - Isle of GlassPD / SharewareUnknown1996NoNo